United Way of Canadian County donations outpaced 2006 funding levels

By Carolyn Cole/Staff Writer
published Jan. 3, 2008

Donors have pushed contributions to The United Way of Canadian County to the 90 percent mark, and organizers say their $115,000 goal is within reach.

So far, Canadian County coordinator Aaron Diment said donations have outpaced last year by about $5,000. In the 2006 donation drive, area residents contributed $111,000. However, he said volunteers are still concerned about the charity’s bottom line as a possible slowdown in the economy could affect donors’ generosity.

“It just seems charitable giving is down all of the way around,” he said.

The United Way of Canadian County receives the bulk of its funding from donations given through payroll deductions by employees at area businesses and government institutions, he said. The charity also receives funds from employees who work in other counties, but may live in Canadian County, and who specify they want their contribution to return to their home county when they make their donation.

While these contributions boosted The United Way of Canadian County budget to $190,000 for 2007, Diment said there isn’t any way to predict giving for the next year.

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