Council’s fireworks survey put on hold

By Traci Chapman/Staff Writer

A survey designed to clear the smoke surrounding the debate on restricting personal firework use in the city was put on hold Tuesday by the City Council.

Council members voted to delay reviewing a proposed resident survey, due to the absence of two City Council members, Kathleen Moon and Joe Conner.

Some Council members have voiced support for restrictions on personal firework use in the city.

Mayor Jeff Landrith prepared a proposed survey to be mailed out in an upcoming utility bill. The survey is expected to be completed prior to a town hall meeting to discuss the issue. Here is Landrith’s list of proposed questions:

  • Should fireworks be banned on personal residential property?
  • Should fireworks be banned on commercial property?
  • Should fireworks be banned on public streets?
  • Should fireworks be banned in public parks?
  • Do you support the popping of fireworks by non-residents in Mustang?
  • Fireworks are currently allowed for seven days. Should this be decreased?
  • Fireworks can be popped from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. on all nights but the Fourth of July, which is extended until 11 p.m. Should these times be decreased?
  • Should fines, compliance for not obeying existing fireworks laws, and/or littering be enforced on a first-time offense?

Landrith moved to delay the Council’s review of the draft survey.


When many adults think of fireworks, anymore, they think not of the fun nor of the spirit of fourth of July. They think rather of what "could" go wrong. They think of little kids getting harrased by big kids. However, if anyone has noticed very little of that actually happens in the areas that are still allowed to have fun. Now, in the areas banned, there is is like our "battel". It is not against the people who did this to us, but to the restrictions added.

I understand both sides, I really do. However, the more you fight the worse things get...that is not just me, that is history.

wonderful story - enjoyed immensely

Whoever writes your stories has a good talent. Good luck to Traci!

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