Keely says training, experience makes him best candidate for commissioner post

By Traci Chapman/Staff Writer
published Jan. 3, 2008

Mustang resident Monty Keely recently announced his bid to reclaim the District 2 County Commissioner seat he won, then lost, to current incumbent Don Young.

Keely was District 2 Commissioner from 1997 to 2001. He said while it was a “fluke” he won in 1997 — he ran as a Republican against then-Democrat Young — the positive changes he made during his tenure were no fluke, and he’s ready to repeat that performance.
“I think there’s a lot that could be done in District 2 that isn’t,” he said. “I had a profound impact on the county. I know I can do even more to improve the county, and I have a vision and a plan to make the county fulfill all it can be.”

Keely said he is unique among the contenders for the seat, citing both his professional experience and civic service. He said having “inside information” about what the job is all about has enabled him to formulate a plan — something he says none of the other contenders have done.

“As the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,’” he said. “None of the other candidates have the level of experience I have. Even Don Young, who’s been commissioner, doesn’t have the business acumen I’ve gained. He runs a farm. I know roads, I know construction, I know about negotiation. I’ve been in business for 44 years, and I was one of the first ROADS Scholars.”

ROADS Scholars is a program conducted by Oklahoma State University, which provides certification to county employees on rural bridge and road maintenance and construction.

"Go Keely Go!"

I have just spoken with Monty Keely, for the first time, who is running for county commissioner of district 2. After talking with him I immediately went back in the house and got on my computer to look up information on Monty Keely and I can say that his record and achievements are extraordinary and impressive! I believe he is the man for the job in district 2. His record shows he is dedicated to the Mustang community as well as the surrounding cities and towns. I believe we need Monty Keely as County Commissioner of district 2. I believe he will get district 2 back on track and ahead of the power curve in this ever growing community.


John Sherrick

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