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Six months ago, the Mustang News staff sat down and discussed what, if any, Web presence we wanted to create on the Internet. Staffs at small newspapers work hard to get a paper out each week and dedicating time to also create a Web presence can be a tall order. To the man though, it was clear that our staff felt this was a critical service to provide.

You are now looking at part one of a two-part strategy that not only includes MustangNews.Info but also MustangSports.Info. I would like to say thank you to my staff for working to get these projects off the ground.

Now, we hope you will make these sites routine destinations when you are on the Internet. What you are looking at today is only the trunk of the high-tech tree we are trying to grow here and I am sure you will see many more interesting limbs sprout as the months continue on. I would appreciate your feedback on our site and please feel free to share any story ideas you would like to see us cover. As always, you can contact me at [email protected].

Talk to you soon,
Brett Jones

cost non-residents @ community center

we live in yukon. My children go mustang schools. I have three boys, who are all involved in mustang sports. We support Mustang Schools all the way. I recently inquired about joining the community center so my boys would have a place to go and practice basketball. The 75.00 dollars a month for non-resident is more then I want to pay. I have talented boys and I feel they would be an asset in mustang school sports. I dont know if our vote counts, but I feel we should be included in in the present residents cost @ the community center. Sincerly, Dawn Madison

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