Hughey selected as Canadian County judge

By Daniel Lapham
Published on July 31, 2008

El Reno attorney Bob Hughey’s phones started ringing off the hook just minutes after Gov. Brad Henry named him the county’s newest district judge.

“The governor told us Wednesday it would be a quick decision. I’m surprised it was this quick,” Hughey said.

Henry selected Hughey from a three-candidate slate to be the next Canadian County associate district judge.

Hughey succeeds Gary Miller, who left the associate district judge’s slot to go to work for the Department of Human Services. Miller’s resignation from the bench was effective in March.

All candidates were reviewed by the 13-member state Judicial Nominating Commission. The commission pared the applications down to three candidates.

In addition to Hughey, Canadian County Assistant District Attorney Paul Hesse and Oklahoma County Special District Judge Carol Ann Hubbard were also considered.
Hughey said the nature of his private law practice probably gave him an edge on the other candidates.

“I think it was my experience in these type of cases — juvenile cases, family law, adoption and probate — those are cases that are usually assigned to the associate district judge. I’ve done it. I want to do it.

“A lot of people look at juvenile cases as necessary evils while I’m looking forward to handling those cases,” he said.

“I feel like this is right up my alley. Judge Miller created a drug court and I want to continue that,” he said.

Hughey said the date in which he will slip on the judicial robes hasn’t been set yet.
“The problem is, this comes somewhat at a bad time. I’m leaving for vacation and then I have to shut down a law practice, too,” he said.

“Throughout his career, Bobby Hughey has shown a commitment to public service,” Henry said in his announcement. “With his experience and abilities, and a true dedication to his community, I know that he will be a great judge for the people of Canadian County and the state of Oklahoma.”

Hughey is a 1985 graduate of the University of Oklahoma Law School. He has worked on a wide variety of legal cases and has also served Canadian County as a guardian ad litem in child custody and visitation disputes. Hughey has also been actively involved in the Canadian County drug court program and has previously served as Yukon city attorney.

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