Baseball backers turn out to champion project’s cause

By Traci Chapman/Staff Writer
published Jan. 5, 2008

Worried a $2.9 million baseball facility bond plan might fail to get a chance at bat, residents Wednesday gathered in City Council chambers, calling for city officials to include the measure on the April general election ballot.

The baseball complex plan is one of two bond proposals, which total about $8 million, that will go to a vote April 1. In addition to the baseball complex, the second bond measure calls for improvements to a two-mile stretch of Czech Hall Road.

Ward 1 Councilman Jay Adams said he is “leading the charge to get the word out” to voters about the baseball complex.

Adams said he is passionate about the project and will take whatever time is necessary to do what’s “right for Mustang’s kids.”

That included mustering public support at the Council’s special meeting when he said he thought Mayor Jeff Landrith was going to try to knock the baseball complex off the April ballot.

Landrith said the proposal was pushed through Council “too quickly” and has expressed disagreement with the new complex’s proposed price tag. He said he wanted Council members to take a more detailed look at options for the facility — including using volunteer labor or making improvements gradually — to lower its cost.

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