Mustang voters pass Proposition 1

By Matt Montgomery

Mustang voters passed Proposition I Tuesday night, with 2,204 “yes” votes and 1,778 “no” votes. Proposition I is a 5 percent hotel/motel lodging tax, paid by the lodgers themselves.

Mustang City Manager Tim Rooney said it is encouraging to see Mustang voters head to the polls with an understanding of what the Proposition entails.

“It’s encouraging,” Rooney said. “We did try to have as much information out about the election as early as possible. We had information out on our website as early as July. We wanted to make sure that information was out there to the public for review and for comment. We visited with folks that wanted to receive information about the election prior to the election. I think if you get the right information out to the voters, and they trusted the information you are providing is accurate, they’ll vote “yes”.

The next step, now the proposition is passed, is for the City to receive the official certification from the Canadian County Election Board.

Then, the lodging tax will take effect Dec. 1. He also said the City of Mustang has met with several developers interested in building a hotel or motel in Mustang. Those developers wanted to wait for the results of this election, before making any official decisions.

“I imagine that now the election is passed we’ll begin the discussion with developers again,” he said.

Rooney also said he wanted to thank Mustang voters for going to the polls and passing this proposition.

“Hopefully this is a good indication of how people feel about Mustang and the direction it’s headed in,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll continue to make a purpose to Mustang as we move forward.”