Mustang’s dominance over Yukon is no mistake

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When it comes to rivalries, Mustang and Yukon are on the top of the list in the state of Oklahoma.

Every time these two Canadian County giants collide in an athletic event, you never know what you are going to get.

In past years, the Broncos and the Millers have done their fair share of winning against each other. Mustang would take down Yukon in one sport, but the Millers would handle the Broncos in another sport.Team One

However, this academic year has seen a complete and utter domination by Mustang over Yukon in every sport thus far.

Yes, we are only in the month of October, but there is no questioning the dominance Mustang has held over its Miller opponents this fall semester.

It all started back in early September when the Mustang cross country team took on Yukon in the annual Mustang/Yukon scrimmage race on the day of the big football game between the two rivals.

With the football game being played in Yukon this year, the cross country race took place on the campus of Yukon High School.

I’m betting the Millers were glad it was just a scrimmage as the Bronco cross country team dismantled the Yukon harriers on both the boys and girls sides of the course.

The race seemed like a stampede of Mustang runners with one Miller runner sprinkled into the mix every now and then.

Following the cross country annihilation of Yukon came the football game everyone in the two communities waits for every year. The annual rivalry game between Mustang and Yukon took place at Miller Stadium.

Looking at the two teams as they warmed up, I knew this one was over before it began. Mustang put the pedal to the metal against the Millers and wouldn’t let up as they went on to crush Yukon 41-14.

The game reminded me of an OU/Texas game where the Sooners are beating the Longhorns so badly, one half of the stadium is completely empty by the fourth quarter. That’s exactly how it was in Miller Stadium that night. The Yukon side of the stadium was bare and the Mustang side was screaming at the top of their lungs until the clock struck zero.

The Mustang volleyball team had a tough year in 2014, but they got one thing right, and that was beating Yukon in both matches they played the Millers this fall. In fact, neither match was close as the Lady Broncos throttled Yukon three games to none both times.

The last time Mustang and Yukon met in an athletic forum was the final game of the regular season for the Lady Broncos softball team and the Millerettes softball team.

This one was also over before it began as Mustang is one of the top teams in the state of Oklahoma. The Broncos run-ruled the Millers in five innings by a score of 11-0, as the Millers couldn’t come close to touching Mustang’s all-star pitcher Jayden Chestnut.

Fireworks erupted early in the game when the Yukon pitcher beaned Chestnut in the ear-hole of her helmet in the first inning. I’m not saying it was on purpose, but after learning what this rivalry is all about, I’m not saying it wasn’t on purpose either.

Chestnut responded with a piercing look in her eyes, as she would dominate the rest of the game, both in the circle and in the batter’s box.

So now the question becomes, what is behind the domination Mustang has enjoyed over Yukon this year?

Yukon seems to think that just because you build “really nice” facilities, you will win big, but unfortunately for the Millers, it takes more than deep pockets to win in high school sports.

Right now, Mustang has the better coaches and the better athletes across the board. They have an administration that understands the importance of athletics and what it takes to be successful on the athletic field.

I know things can change in a hurry, especially when you are talking about high school sports, but right now, Mustang is head and shoulders above Yukon when it comes to athletics.

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