Davis promoted to captain


By Rachel Brocklehurst,

The motto “Learning From the Best” is more than a motto at the Mustang Police Department.

Lt. Jim Davis was promoted to the rank of captain on Sept. 11 at a reception in the Police Community Room.

“I want to facilitate a way for improvements from the Chief Department,” Davis said when asked what he hopes to improve about the city of Mustang. “I also hope to maintain improvements on community relations.”

At the beginning of this process, Davis applied for the position of captain. As a rule, you have to have at least four years of experience as a lieutenant within the department before you can apply for captain. Another key rule is that whoever the next captain is, is under the chief’s prerogative because he’ll know what he’s looking for in a captain.

“My favorite part of being involved in Mustang Police Department is the people in this city,” Davis said. “Between emergency services and officers, everyone is on one sheet of music and it’s the police department’s job to keep the community safe.”

Not only will he be trying to have smooth continuity between the people in this city, but some other highlights that he touched on wanting to establish are to increase the size of the Mustang Police Department, enhance training opportunities for officers and have day-to-day operations with the police department.

“I’m happy that I get to serve with the best law enforcement agency in Canadian County,” Davis said.

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