PIGSKIN PREVIEW: Season prediction game-by-game

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Here is my game-by-game prediction of the 2014 Mustang varsity football schedule:

Week one: At Yukon, win, 35-13 (1-0)

When these two schools get together in any event, it is arguably the nastiest rivalry in all of Oklahoma. However, when that event is football, every cop in the county needs to be in attendance, because you never know what might happen.

This year’s version of the rivalry is at Yukon, but Mustang has far better talent across the board this season than the Millers possess. Look for the Broncos to come out strong early and keep the pedal floored.

This one will be all Mustang in a dominating fashion.

Week two: Stillwater, win, 41-14 (2-0)

Sometimes in sports, a team just has another team’s number. I think that is the case when talking about the matchups between Stillwater and Mustang.

Two years ago, the Pioneers came into Bronco Stadium undefeated with a stout defense, but the Broncos had their way with Stillwater. Last year, Mustang made the trip up there with thoughts of the Pioneers wanting revenge on the Broncos, but it wasn’t meant to be as MHS steamrolled Stillwater for the second straight year.

This season, either Stillwater is due to come in and put a beating on Mustang or the Broncos will keep the trend going against the Pioneers. I favor the latter.

Week three: At Edmond Memorial, win, 27-21 (3-0)

Mustang’s first true test of the year will take place in week three when the Broncos travel to Edmond to take on the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs at UCO’s stadium.

Memorial has proven in the past several years to have Mustang’s number on the gridiron, but I believe the Broncos will turn the tide this season and steal one away from the Bulldogs on a late game-winning touchdown drive led by MHS junior quarterback Chandler Garrett.

Week four: At Edmond North, win, 31-17 (4-0)

This one was a hard game to predict at first, but after doing the research and thinking long and hard about it, I had to go with the Broncos.

Edmond North will indeed be fired up to play their former coach Jeremy Dombek, who now strolls the sidelines for Mustang, but the Huskies won’t be able to hold off the hot and fired up MHS squad coming off their thrilling victory on the same field a week earlier.

Edmond North will jump out early and even look like they might pull away in the game because of the emotion they will play with facing their former coach, but emotion can only take you so far.

Mustang will ride out the storm and eventually gain control of the ballgame and eventually take over in a dominating way for a double-digit victory.

Week five: Putnam City North, win, 49-21 (5-0)

This is not the old Putnam City North football program when it was competing for state titles and making life miserable for its opponents. This PC North team will be a doormat for many 6A teams this season, and one of those teams includes Mustang.

The Broncos will jump out early and be able to rest their starters for most of the second half against the Panthers, which will come at a nice time with Norman North on the horizon the next week.

Week six: At Norman North, loss, 27-24 (5-1)

Norman North will be fired up for this one after what happened in the first round of the playoffs a year ago on its home field.

The Broncos went into Norman last year and upset the Timberwolves, ending their season. There is no doubt Norman North will have this game circled on their schedule.

Mustang and the T-Wolves will go back and forth throughout the contest, but Norman North will go on a game-winning drive and kick a field goal for the victory, handing the Broncos their first loss of the season.

Week seven: Southmoore, win, 34-24 (6-1)

This game could be a trap game for the Broncos as it sits between Norman North and Owasso.

Mustang will be coming off its first loss of the season at Norman North the week prior and with Owasso on their minds, Southmoore could sneak into Bronco Stadium and steal one away from MHS.

However, with how detailed and prepared this coaching staff is, I don’t see the letdown happening. Mustang will be ready to play this game and after a slow start, they will take control of the game and take down the Sabercats heading into the home stretch.

Week eight: At Owasso, loss, 31-24 (6-2)

Does Mustang have the talent level to go up to Owasso and beat the Rams on their home field? Yes. Will they? I’m going to have to go with no.

The Broncos will give the Rams all they want, but Owasso will be too strong on the line of scrimmage for Mustang. The Broncos offense will struggle to get going throughout the night and the defense will hold as long as they can before Owasso breaks out for several long touchdown drives to put the game away.

Week nine: Tulsa Union, loss, 35-17 (6-3)

Until someone across the state proves they can physically beat Union and Jenks other than them beating themselves, I will not pick anyone to beat those two schools.

If Mustang can hold its own on the line of scrimmage against the Redskins, they have a chance to pull off the upset at home, but if they cannot, then Union will have its way with the Broncos.

Week 10: Moore, win, 45-14 (7-3)

Following their two defeats to Owasso and Tulsa Union, Mustang will be angry and who better than to come in for a final regular season game than Moore?

The Lions were a once proud football program, but those days are long gone and the Broncos will exploit that to the highest degree.

Mustang will dominate the game on senior night at Bronco Stadium from the opening kick and close out the season with a win and capturing its second consecutive playoff berth.

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