PIGSKIN PREVIEW: Offense ready to light up scoreboards

Offense Two

When it comes to offensive football in the state of Oklahoma, Mustang has been one of the top high schools year-in and year-out since the early 2000s.

High-octane offenses in the mid-2000s carried the Broncos deep into the state playoffs numerous times and even got them as far as the state championship game in 2005.website commentary new.qxd

Ty Prestidge was a big part of that success as he was either the offensive coordinator or the head coach throughout those glory days for MHS football.

Prestidge resigned from his head coaching duties with the Broncos in May of 2013, leaving the Mustang football program in a pool full of question marks.

In came Jeremy Dombek shortly following the Prestidge resignation, and a new era of Bronco football was under way. Dombek kept some of the old regime on his coaching staff, but he also brought in some new blood.

One of those new faces he brought into the fold here at Mustang was offensive coordinator Kyle Williams. Given the short summer and abrupt nature of moving from one school to another, Williams said he wasn’t able to put everything into the offensive system he would have usually done in a normal amount of offseason time.

Even with the shortened preparation period, the Bronco offense was still one of the most feared in the state. Veteran players like Frankie Edwards, Colton Hadlock and Tristan Hill made sure the Mustang attack was still potent in 2013.

With help from younger and upcoming players like Chandler Garrett, David Parker, Chase Brown, Dylan Duran, Jakolby Long and Preston Ochoa, Edwards, Hadlock and Hill were able to mesh with their new offensive coordinator and help the Broncos to a quarterfinal playoff appearance.

This year, the feeling around the Mustang offense heading into the new season is completely different. With returning players like Garrett, Parker, Brown, Duran, Long and Ochoa, combined with new players like Blake Williams, Bryce Roberts and Larry King, the Broncos will once again be one of the top offenses in the state of Oklahoma.

“Having a full offseason to really put everything into the offense that we want to put in makes a big difference at this point in the year,” Williams said. “Our guys now know what to expect, but they are football-smart individuals. They pick up on things very quickly. We are excited about the guys we have coming back, and some of the young guys we have coming up will help us this year as well.”

One of the areas on offense the Broncos will have to make sure and rebuild is the offensive line. Mustang graduated four of the five starters on the offensive line from last year’s group, including Hill, who is now playing at the Division I collegiate level.

The one offensive lineman returning for MHS is Coty Harper. Williams said losing that many offensive line starters is a concern, but he is confident in this year’s group.

“We have some young guys who have been in the system now for more than a year,” he said. “They know what to expect. They have shown some really good things throughout the spring, summer and in fall practice so far.”

The area that Williams said he is most pleased with is the wide receiver position.

“We have a great combination of older, experienced guys and young guys at receiver for us,” he said. “We have a lot of depth there and that is a good thing with how we want to play. We are looking for some good things out of that group this season.”

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