OU will be unbeaten on gridiron in regular season

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Here is my game-by-game prediction for the 2014 University of Oklahoma football season:

Game one: Louisiana Tech, win, 45-7 (1-0)

Head coach Bob Stoops and the Sooners have rarely started the season off with a game that will make anyone in Sooner Nation sweat.

This year will be no different as Louisiana Tech will roll into Norman for an opening-week beat-down at the hands of an OU team, who many experts believe is a shoe-in for the four-team playoff at the end of this season.

The only benefit for La Tech to come here and get throttled by the Sooners is that nice little check their university will get to cash following the game.

Game two: At Tulsa, win, 42-13 (2-0)

If Oklahoma State is the red-headed stepchild to OU, then Tulsa is the annoying little brother that won’t shut up or leave the Sooners alone.

The Golden Hurricane have a knack for giving Oklahoma fits, even when the game is in Norman, which this year is not the case.

TU will hang around early in the game as they play with a “David and Goliath” like mentality, but the Sooners will eventually pull away for a relatively easy win.

Don’t be surprised if Chapman Stadium in Tulsa has more crimson than blue in the stands during that game.

Game three: Tennessee, win, 31-17 (3-0)

You better believe the Volunteers have this game circled on their schedule, folks. Tennessee would love nothing more than to come into Norman and knock off Stoops and the Sooners.

Of course, you have the conference rivalry between the SEC and the Big 12, but Tennessee is trying to get back to being one of the elite programs in college football. A win in Norman would be a huge step in that process.

However, the Volunteers aren’t ready for what the Sooners are going to throw at them. Oklahoma has more talent, is better coached and has more experience than Tennessee and that will show in this game.

Game four: At West Virginia, win, 41-21 (4-0)

When I first looked at the Sooners schedule, this game popped out at me as a trap game for Oklahoma. OU will be sitting at 3-0 and coming off a good win against Tennessee.

West Virginia will have a potent offense as usual as Dana Holgerson continues to man the sidelines for the Mountaineers.

However, the WVU defense is constantly one of the worst defenses in the nation, and OU will exploit that in Morgantown. Sooners will win this one big.

Game five: At TCU, win, 31-10 (5-0)

The Horned Frogs will be a much improved team from last season, but they still will not be able to contend with the big boys of the Big 12 Conference.

TCU is learning why playing in a major conference is a lot more difficult than they thought it was going to be. You have to bring it every week. There are no weeks off in a big-time conference.

The Sooners will dominate this game from start to finish and move on to prepare for Texas the following the week.

Game six: Texas, win, 34-20 (6-0)

The annual Red River Showdown in Dallas is the best rivalry in all of college sports. The split of crimson and burnt orange down the middle of the stadium is truly the coolest sight in sports.

Last season, the Sooners rolled into the Cotton Bowl undefeated and were expected to drill the weary Longhorns, but Mack Brown had one more trick up his sleeve, which was simply to take the football and pound it right down Stoops and the Sooners’ throats.

In a strange way, that woke up Oklahoma and made them realize where they needed to make the most improvement in the winter and summer. OU has developed more size in the interior of its defense, so don’t look for Texas to be able to do what they did to the Sooners a year ago.

OU takes this game and stays undefeated as they enter the last half of their season.

Game seven: Kansas State, win, 27-17 (7-0)

Stoops is undefeated in games before and after Texas, so there is no reason to think that will not be the case this year when the Sooners host the Wildcats.

Bill Snyder will always give Stoops fits no matter where he plays them, but especially in Norman. K-State will stick around early in this game, but Oklahoma will find a way to pull away late and get the win.

Game eight: At Iowa State, win, 49-10 (8-0)

The Texas hangover will officially be over and the Sooners will start rolling heading into Ames. OU will open a can of you know what against the Cyclones and look like the best team in the country doing it.

ISU will be outmatched at every position and Oklahoma will put the hammer down early and often as the rout will be on for the Sooners.

Game nine: Baylor, win, 38-17 (9-0)

One thing is for certain with Stoops, if you beat him and beat him bad, you better watch out next year because he will get his revenge.

The Bears put a beating on the Sooners on national television last season in Waco. OU will be going for the same outcome, but reversed this year in Norman.

Oklahoma will get what they are looking for as the crowd will be crazy and the Sooners will run wild on BU, keeping their undefeated season alive.

Game 10: At Texas Tech, win, 27-12 (10-0)

This is the game right here. If Oklahoma can go down to Lubbock and get a big road win against the pesky Red Raiders, they will go undefeated in the regular season and go on to play in the college football playoff.

If this Sooner defense is going to be as good as the OU coaching staff thinks it’s going to be, then this is the game where they will shine.

Look for the OU D to suffocate the Texas Tech offense and make life miserable for Kingsbury and Company. OU walks out of Lubbock still unblemished.

Game 11: Kansas, win, 56-0 (11-0)

The Kansas Jayhawks should just cancel their football program and put all of their money into their basketball team, but ladies and gentlemen, they are just awful.

I think Mustang High School might give the Sooners a better contest than KU will. It would sure be more entertaining to watch, that’s for sure.

Game 12: Oklahoma State, win, 33-14 (12-0)

Bedlam is always an exciting atmosphere in this state. The Sooners are the much better team across the board this season, but this game is one of the most unpredictable games across the country.

OSU will keep the game close for the majority of the game, but OU will break away late and secure a slot in the first ever Division I college football playoffs.

Kyle Salomon is the sports editor at the Mustang News. He can be reached at [email protected].

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