Mustang news Wedding Report


Mustang News encourages wedding information and photo to be turned in at least three days before it is to appear in our newspaper. For publication more than two months after ceremony, a charge at regular advertising rates will be made. We do not use full-length wedding photos.

    Bride Elect
    First Name
    Last Name
    Bride Elect Parents\Address
Prospective Bridegroom
  First Name
  Last Name
Prospective Bridegroom's Parents\Address
    Date of Wedding
    Where was ceremony performed

Who officiated?

    Names of those providing music.  
    One paragraph describing bride’s attire  
    Names, hometown of bride’s attendants  
    Names, hometowns of groom’s attendants  
    Others in the wedding  
    Reception location
    Reception Assitants  
    Honeymoon Destination
    Where will the couple live?
    Email Address
    Contact Phone