Council approves increase in recreation fees

City Council Three

By Daniel Lapham,


Mustang residents who frequent recreational areas will see increases in their annual membership fees after a unanimous vote from the Mustang City Council Tuesday evening.

Assistant City Manager Justin Battles presented the proposed fee increases to the council after working with the Leisure Services Board in July to determine how current rates stack up to other cities across the state. The Recreation Center currently offers two membership options, the general membership and the deluxe membership, Battles told the council. There will be no increases for the deluxe membership at this time, which offers the same amenities as the general membership with the additional privilege of access to the weight/cardio room, free onsite baby-sitting and aerobics classes.

“We reviewed the rates for our general membership package,” he said. “It is hard to compare a general membership rate for a facility like this. There just aren’t a lot of cities around that run rec centers.”

The rates agreed upon will increase annual costs to members by $15 for individual residents, $40 for family residents, and an additional $5 card fee for senior members. Non-resident members will see rates increase by $15 for individuals, $25 for families and $10 for seniors. The increased fees will result in projected revenue increases of $33,000 per year.

“What effect do you think this will have on our membership numbers?” asked Jess Schweinberg, Ward 6 councilman.

lBattles said the memberships are based on a 12-month period and will only affect new or renewing members after their current membership is expired.

l“It will have zero impact on our membership,” Battles said. “The last increase we had was on the deluxe membership back in 2012 and it has been longer than that since we have increased the general membership.”

lIn other business, the council heard concerns from Spitler Lake Estates resident Walt Davis. Davis told the council he is concerned with flooding issues he and neighbors have experienced in their subdivision and asked for a written statement from the city, signed by the council that states there is no danger of flooding to their property.

“The concern I have is water drainage in our neighborhood,” he said. “We are being told everything is going to be OK. There is a history of high water and poor drainage since we moved in there in May 2006. The drainage plan looks fine on paper, but I have concerns.”

The council thanked Davis for speaking before them and continued with the meeting without responding directly to his request.