Mustang has strong first week of spring

Two A

By Patrick Osborne

Mustang football completed week one of spring football practice with plenty of positives, while still looking for more improvement.

With the first week in the books there was plenty to reflect on for the Broncos. This time last year Mustang football was still searching for its new football coach after Ty Prestidge skipped town for Choctaw. Spring practice was pushed back later in the year due to no coaching staff. Things seemed uncertain for Broncos football moving forward.

This year the Broncos have a full year under head coach Jeremy Dombek and his coaching staff that led them to a successful year and the second round of the playoffs.

Junior quarterback Chandler Garrett said this has been helpful for the team now that everyone is used to the new coaching staff and what they are expecting.

Garrett, a 6-foot-2 strong-armed hurler who’s increasingly gaining more attention from the college ranks, said the team was steadily improving throughout the week getting better each day.

“I think (Thursday) was one of the best practices as a whole for us,” he said.

With lots of positives and improvements from the week, senior receiver Zach Davis said there’s still lots of room to improve defensively and offensively.

“We’ve still got a lot more work to do,” Davis said. “Definitely have lots more improvement needed.”

Leadership out on the field is always important for any team to be successful and to get better on a daily basis. Both upperclassmen feel like they have stepped into the leadership role for this team, and Garrett also said this team has a lot of leaders along with them.

“We have a bunch of good senior leaders this year,” he said.

With another week of practice approaching as well as the spring game, Garrett said they are looking to get ready for team camp and clean things up for when other competition will make the trip to Mustang.

“We just have to keep giving effort,” Davis said. “The more effort we give the better we will be.”

Mustang will hold its annual spring game May 31 at Bronco Stadium at 9 am. The game will be the public’s first look at this year’s edition of Mustang football. Then July 6-8, Bronco Stadium will host team camp for outside schools as well as Mustang to compete against each other and grow as a team. Team camp will be open for the public.