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Mustang hosts inaugural swim meet at OCCC

Swimming 11

By sports editor Kyle Salomon,

For the first time in program history, a swim meet was held at the Oklahoma City Community College Aquatic Center and Mustang was the host.

The Broncos swim team hosted the inaugural Mustang Invitational last Friday evening with 15 high schools across the state participating in the event.

“It was nice to host our own meet,” Mustang coach Bruce Clifton said. “This being our inaugural meet, I believe things went really well. My booster club did a fantastic job of coordinating and carrying this out. It wouldn’t have happened without them. It was nice to see the support we got from the Mustang community and school. This meet has been a long time coming.”

Mustang finished its meet with a second-place overall team finish, with Altus taking the first-place prize.

Coming in third place was Carl Albert. Westmoore took fourth, Guymon placed fifth and Bishop McGuinness finished in sixth place.

Deer Creek finished in seventh place. Yukon placed eighth overall, Midwest City took ninth and Putnam City finished 10th.

Claremore placed 11th overall. Bethany finished in 12th place, Del City took 13th place overall, Harding Charter Prep finished in 14th place and John Marshall placed 15th.

“At one time, I looked around at all the people in attendance at the meet and it took me back to that first season when we had 14 swimmers. It was a humbling feeling of pride for what we have been able to accomplish here at Mustang in our seven years of existence as a swim team.

“Then to cap things off, Carli Wentworth came. She was one of the original five that started Mustang swim before it became an official team sport at the school. I reminded her she started all of this. I think it was a special time for her as well. I think our team and parents represented Mustang well.”Swimming Three

Here are the individual results from the Broncos at the Mustang Invitational:

In the girls 200-yard medley relay, the Mustang “A” team took third place with a time of 2:10.73. Brandi Naeher, Lauren Oliver, Samantha Jones and Hannah Kertzner made up the team.

The Lady Broncos “B” team took 12th place with a time of 2:32.31. Morgan Shirk, Rachel Dawson, Hope Eirwin and Rachel Snodgrass made up the squad.

The Bronco girls “C” squad took 15th in the race with a time of 2:49.85. Alexandra Cox, Emma Downing, Shaynia Cook and Melissa Conway made up the team.

The MHS “D” team placed 17th overall with a time of 3:04.14. Cassidy Trail, Hudia Jamshed, Gabby Rhodes and Katrina Bearce made up the squad.

In the boys 200-yard medley relay race, the Mustang “A” team took fourth overall with a time of 1:56.45. Drake Stowe, Zach McSwain, Minh Nguyen and Chandler McDonald made up the team.

The Broncos “B” team placed 10th overall with a time of 2:09.83. Zackary Boyanton, Cullen Quinn, Lane Brown and Jacob Hesser made up the squad.

In the girls 200-yard freestyle race, Ryhan Deuel took second place with a time of 2:27.31. Gabby Rhodes took 12th place with a time of 3:05.18. Alexandra Cox took 13th place with a time of 3:05.23. Melissa Conway placed 14th overall with a time of 3:09.36 and Heidi Doughty took 16th place with a time of 3:50.35.

In the boys 200-yard freestyle event, Matt Sellon took fourth place with a time of 2:04.82. Max Mayfield placed 14th with a time of 2:31.59 and Zackary Boyanton finished in 16th place with a time of 2:36.44.

In the girls 200-yard individual medley competition, Brandi Naeher took ninth place with a time of 2:59.55. Morgan Shirk placed 10th with a time of 3:04.51 and Faith Desplinter took 13th with a time of 4:02.44.

In the boys 200-yard individual medley race, Cullen Quinn placed eighth with a time of 2:38.59.

In the girls 50-yard freestyle race, Samantha Jones took first place with a time of 26.33. Morgan Shirk took 18th place with a time of 32.34. Katrina Bearce placed 20th with a time of 32.63. Rachel Dawson took 21st with a time of 32.88. Diana Wagner finished in 27th place with a time of 33.44. Tori Anderson took 33rd place with a time of 34.19. Shelbie Toquothy finished in 38th place with a time of 35.43. Kelsi Frazier placed 58th with a time of 37.86. Casidy Trail finished in 59th place with a time of 38.00. Abi Wallace placed 61st with a time of 39.04. Brailee Felstead finished in 65th place with a time of 39.91. Grace Filkins took 70th place with a time of 41.89. Skylar Fults finished in 71st place with a time of 41.94 and Rachel Gililand placed 72nd overall with a time of 42.19.

In the boys 50-yard freestyle race, Minh Nguyen took 12th place with a time of 25.92. Robert Coulter placed 13th with a time of 26.39. Jacob Hesser finished in 14th place with a time of 27.15. Austin Satterlee took 21st place with a time of 28.02. Lane Brown placed 25th with a time of 28.98. Zachary Boyanton finished in 32nd place with a time of 29.28. Christian Langdon placed 35th with a time of 29.40. Zackary Croisant took 36th place with a time of 29.62. Victor Castaneda placed 45th with a time of 31.33. Duncan Jackson finished in 56th place with a time of 33.88. Braden Autrey placed 57th with a time of 34.33 and Chris Chestnut finished 59th with a time of 36.72.

In the girls 100-yard fly stroke, Lauren Oliver placed first overall with a time of 1:04.77. Summer Chrismon took seventh place with a time of 1:16.91. Hannah Kertzner finished in eighth place with a time of 1:17.18 and Mazie Garza placed 10th overall with a time of 1:22.87.

In the boys 100-yard fly, Matt Sellon took seventh place with a time of 1:04.84 and Chandler McDonald placed ninth with a time of 1:06.54.

In the girls 100-yard freestyle race, Samantha Jones took second place with a time of 1:02.15. Katrina Bearce placed 21st with a time of 1:18.55. Diana Wagner finished 27th with a time of 1:21.52. Hudia Jamshed took 29th with a time of 1:22.58. Melissa Conway finished in 32nd place with a time of 1:24.29. Shaynia Cook placed 41st with a time of 1:31.11. Brailee Felstead took 45th place with a time of 1:33.89 and Grace Filkins finished in 49th with a time of 1:52.19.

In the boys 100-yard freestyle event, Robert Coulter took ninth with a time of 59.22. Lane Brown finished 21st with a time of 1:03.83. Christian Langdon placed 36th with a time of 1:08.83. Rex Syler took 36th place with a time of 1:16.27 and Chris Chestnut took 55th place with a time of 1:27.85.

In the girls 500-yard freestyle race, Hannah Kertzner placed second with a time of 6:26.40. Ryhan Deuel took fifth with a time of 6:33.82. Rachel Snodgrass finished in 12th place with a time of 7:45.07 and Emma Downing placed 15th with a time of 9:03.91.

In the boys 500-yard freestyle event, Drake Stowe took fifth place with a time of 6:28.56 and Zach McSwain placed sixth overall with a time of 6:41.92.

In the girls 200-yard freestyle relay, the Lady Broncos “A” team took second place with a time of 1:54.32. Lauren Oliver, Summer Chrismon, Mazie Garza and Samantha Jones made up the team.

The Bronco girls “C” team took 11th place with a time of 2:14.97. Zoe Mills, Shelbie Toquothy, Tori Anderson and Katrina Bearce made up the squad.

The Mustang “B” squad took 12th place with a time of 2:15.99. Ryhan Deuel, Diana Wagner, Hope Eirwin and Rachel Dawson make up the team.

The MHS “D” team took 17th in the event with a time of 3:02.43. Heidi Doughty, Faith Desplinter, Kelsi Frazier and Rachel Gililand made up the squad.

In the boys 200-yard freestyle relay event, the Mustang “A” team took third place with a time of 1:43.82. Matt Sellon, Tucker Legg, Robert Coulter and Chandler McDonald made up the team.

The Broncos “B” squad took 12th with a time of 1:57.46. Austin Satterlee, Christian Langdon, Zackary Croisant and Max Mayfield made up the team.

The MHS “C” team took 14th with a time of 2:02.57. Cullen Quinn, Duncan Jackson, Victor Castaneda and Zachary Boyanton made up the squad.

In the girls 100-yard backstroke, Brandi Naeher took ninth with a time of 1:17.91. Summer Chrismon placed 10th with a time of 1:19.08. Zoe Mills finished 15th with a time of 1:32.30. Tori Anderson placed 17th with a time of 1:32.39. Alexandra Cox finished 26th with a time of 1:43.27. Shaynia Cook took 32nd with a time of 1:47.59. Hudia Jamshed placed 33rd with a time of 1:48.08. Abi Wallace finished in 34th place with a time of 1:48.22 and Cassidy Trail placed 36th with a time of 1:55.06.

In the boys 100-yard backstroke race, Minh Nguyen took sixth place with a time of 1:02.64. Drake Stowe placed 10th with a time of 1:08.28. Tucker Legg finished in 12th place with a time of 1:12.85. Max Mayfield took 23rd place with a time of 1:26.75. Duncan Jackson finished in 25th place with a time of 1:34.51 and Billy Trammell finished in 28th place with a time of 1:45.64.

In the girls 100-yard breaststroke, Lauren Oliver took third place with a time of 1:17.65. Mazie Garza placed 11th overall with a time of 1:26.21. Emma Downing finished in 14th place with a time of 1:31.78. Rachel Dawson placed 21st with a time of 1:40.07 and Gabby Rhodes took 27th place with a time of 1:50.26.

In the boys 100-yard breaststroke race, Zach McSwain placed fifth with a time of 1:13.14. Cullen Quinn took 12th with a time of 1:16.70. Chandler McDonald finished in 13th place with a time of 1:16.92. Jacob Hesser took 15th place with a time of 1:22.18. Zackary Croisant placed 18th with a time of 1:25.10. Victor Castaneda took 23rd with a time of 1:27.68 and Brandon Cloy finished in 30th place with a time of 1:38.26.

In the girls 400-yard freestyle relay race, the Mustang “A” team took sixth place with a time of 4:33.23. Summer Chrismon, Morgan Shirk, Ryhan Deuel and Hannah Kertzner made up the team.

The Lady Broncos “B” team took seventh with a time of 4:50.51. Brandi Naeher, Zoe Mills, Rachel Snodgrass and Mazie Garza made up the squad.

The Bronco girls “C” squad took ninth with a time of 5:30.05. Alexandra Cox, Emma Downing, Melissa Conway and Gabby Rhodes made up the team.

The MHS “D” team took 10th with a time of 6:12.70. Cassidy Trail, Grace Filkins, Shelbie Toquothy and Shaynia Cook made up the squad.

In the boys 400-yard freestyle relay competition, the Mustang “A” team took third with a time of 3:52.96. Drake Stowe, Robert Coulter, Minh Nguyen and Matt Sellon made up the team.

The Broncos “B” squad took eighth with a time of 4:10.91. Jacob Hesser, Zach McSwain, Lane Brown and Tucker Legg made up the team.

The MHS “C” team took ninth with a time of 4:52.35. Austin Saterlee, Duncan Jackson, Christian Langdon and Zackary Croisant made up the squad.

Mustang has strong showing at Bixby meet

The Bronco swim teams competed in the Bixby Invitational on Dec. 4, with the girls taking second, while the boys grabbed fourth overall in the team standings.

Mustang competed in the Chickasha swim meet on Tuesday afternoon, and they are back in action at 3 p.m. Friday at Altus.

Wrestlers impress in opening dual

Wrestling Nine

By Sports editor Kyle Salomon,

Going into the first wrestling dual of the season on Dec. 4 at Edmond North, the Mustang Broncos were eager to see where they were at to begin the 2014 season.

Despite losing to the Huskies by one point, the Broncos left the mat feeling good about their chances to compete at a high level this season.

“I could not be more pleased than I am right now with the way my team competed tonight,” Mustang coach Will Allen said. “Of course, we would have liked to come out on top, but at this point in the season, it’s something we can build on. We have a young group and they will only continue to get better and get stronger as the year goes on.”

The Mustang grapplers came storming back from 13 points down at 28-15 with four matches remaining in the dual. The Broncos won three matches in a row and two by pins, which gave them a 33-28 lead going into the final match of the night, the heavyweight match.

Edmond North won the final match in a first-period pin and earned the one-point victory over Mustang at 34-33.

With the youth on the roster, competing against one of the better teams in Class 6A is more than impressive.

The night got started with the 106-pound weight bout between Joe Lupton of Mustang and Payton Mitchell of Edmond North. Lupton pinned Mitchell in the first period, giving the Broncos a 6-0 lead right out of the gate.

Next up on the menu was the 113-pound battle between Mustang’s Jason Clark and the Huskies’ Brett Pinkston. Clark and Pinkston tangoed for three periods, but Clark earned the win 5-3. Mustang led 9-0 after two matches.

In the 120-pound match, Kerry McNeal of Mustang and Paxton Rosen of North went at it. Rosen pinned McNeal in the second period, making the score 9-6 Mustang after three matches.

Corbin Hardin of Mustang and Brandon Bright of Edmond North battled it out in the 126-pound bout, with Bright earning the second-period pin, making the score 12-9 EN after four matches.

In the 132-pound match, Trey Edwards of Mustang took on Ashton Francis of Edmond North. The two grapplers went at each other but Edwards got the best of Francis at the end with a second-period pin, giving Mustang the 15-12 lead.

Colton Franks of Mustang and Caleb Anderson of Edmond North took each other on in the 138-pound bout. Anderson got the best of Franks with the second-period pin, giving the Huskies the lead back at 18-15.

In the 145-pound battle, Mustang’s Gage McBride dropped his match 15-4 to Edmond North, giving the Huskies a 22-15 lead in the dual.

Mustang’s Wyatt Riggs and Edmond North’s Alex LaSalle battled each other in the 152-pound weight class. Riggs fell to LaSalle 5-1. North extended its lead to 25-15.

The Huskies would get another win in the 160-pound weight division, as Jackson McCoy would hold off Mustang’s Fazon Denby 7-4 to give EN a 28-15 lead.

The 170-pound bout may have been the most exciting of them all. Mustang’s Ryan Dickson and Edmond North’s Cooper Foyle battled it out for three long periods. Dickson came back in the final seconds to get the 10-8 win in the match. Mustang cut the lead to 28-18.

In the 182-pound match, Mustang senior leader Zach Butler got the 8-4 win against Edmond North, cutting the lead to 28-21 with three bouts to go.

Mustang’s Kaden Truelove, fresh out of football, made his presence felt in a big way in the 195-pound weight class with a second-period pin against Edmond North’s Josh Krizan. The lead was cut to 28-27 in favor of the Huskies.

In the 220-pound weight class, Mustang’s Austin Brown and Edmond North’s Spencer Herber went at it, and Brown got the better of Herber with the first-period pin, giving the Broncos the lead 33-28 going into the final match, which the Huskies would win in a first-period pin to hand EN the 34-33 dual victory.

Mustang took on Heritage Hall in its home opener on Tuesday night and they travel to Putnam City for the Putnam City Invitational wrestling tournament at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Lady Broncos take down Durant in weekend tournament

Mustang Logo copy

By Sports editor Kyle Salomon,

Following the first week of the regular season, the Lady Broncos are sitting with an overall record of 1-3.

Mustang’s one win came on Dec. 4 in the Durant Lion Classic against Durant 55-33. The Bronco girls’ three losses have come against top-level competition, not only in Oklahoma but against two highly-ranked Arkansas schools.

The Lady Broncos opened their 2014 regular season at home on Dec. 2 with a matchup against one of Class 5A’s best teams, Deer Creek. They fell to the Lady Antlers 72-50.

Mustang’s second loss came at the hands of Fort Smith Northside 61-39 in the second day of the Durant Lion Classic. In the third day of the tournament, the Bronco ladies fell to Springdale 60-29.

“We have played some really good competition this year with Deer Creek and the two Arkansas schools,” Mustang coach Kevin Korstjens said. “Those Arkansas teams would be top five teams in Oklahoma. I thought we competed well and played hard.”

In its one win against Durant, Mustang struggled early to score, but strong defense kept them in the game as they waited patiently for their offense to come around.

Come around it did, as the Lady Broncos exploded offensively in the next three quarters. Their scoring barrage combined with their stout defense paved the way for a 22-point Bronco win.

Junior guard Addy Lawson was on fire in the game against Durant, as she led the team with 18 points. Senior guards Bailey Flynn and Madison Maxwell also played well in the victory. Flynn hit several key 3-pointers that steered the Mustang girls in the right direction during their big win.

Defensively, post defense was a key for the Bronco girls. Mustang’s front line led by junior forward Sarah Kellogg and sophomore forward Logan Haller stifled the Durant front line and worked hard in the rebounding department.

“I was really pleased with how we played against Durant,” Korstjens said. “I thought Addy (Lawson) had a great game for us. We got really good play from a lot of the girls in that game. We played really well defensively and our offense got going after the first quarter.”

Against Deer Creek, it was all about the first quarter. The Lady Broncos got off to a slow start on both ends of the floor and the Lady Antlers started off hot from the field. Deer Creek led by 17 points after one.

Mustang played nearly even with Deer Creek for the remainder of the game. They were outscored by just five in the next three quarters, dropping the game by a 22-point difference.

The two games against both Arkansas opponents in Durant were nearly mirror images of each other. Both teams possessed size and speed on the perimeter that Mustang had difficulties matching up with.

Both Arkansas teams also put a beating on Deer Creek in the tournament. The only Oklahoma school that competed with the two teams was Westmoore.

Mustang returned to action this week as they traveled to Edmond Santa Fe on Tuesday night for a matchup with the Lady Timberwolves.

Freshmen success

The Lady Broncos freshman basketball team took second place in the Western Heights Basketball Tournament this past weekend.

The Bronco girls won their first two games in the event by scores of 36-26 and 32-27. They fell in the finals 41-31 to Deer Creek.

“Going forward, we need to improve in every area,” Korstjens said. “We need to improve from an individual basis and as a team. We will use the time over winter break to get better.”

Mustang man remembers Pearl Harbor

By Matt Montgomery

Harvey Mercer holds up a newspaper after Japan surrendered in 1945, at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Harvey Mercer holds up a newspaper at Pearl Harbor, after Japan surrendered in 1945.

The day after Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the United States declared war on Japan and entered World War II. President Franklin Roosevelt, in a speech to Congress, stated that the bombing of Pearl Harbor is “A date which will live in infamy.”

Many Americans who were alive in 1941 will never forgot that day, Dec. 7, especially Mustang resident Harvey Mercer, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1944.

Mercer became known as a “paper warrior,” and was given “top secret” clearance. A man with exceptional typing skills, Mercer was assigned to serve some of the most influential leaders from WWII. Most notably, Mercer was assigned to U.S. Navy fleet, Admiral Chester Nimitz’ Pearl Harbor headquarters.

At that time, the Navy was looking for high school graduates with good typing skills and recruited Mercer in the process.

“When I graduated from Mustang High School in 1941, there were a lot of comments about the world situation at that time,” Mercer said. “Little did we realize the conflict which was coming up and to what extent we would become involved in it.”

Roosevelt was in office and had already served more than one term as president when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Mercer said he recalled Roosevelt making a comment that no American troops would set foot on foreign soil. That all changed after Dec. 7, 1941.

“When Japan did attack Pearl Harbor, it really caused a great sway of people wanting to help,” he said. “This put the fear in me for what I wanted to do.”

In 1942, the country was mobilizing and turning to wartime efforts, Mercer said. He said practically everyone in the country was involved in preparing soldiers for war.

“This incident brought the American public into the whole atmosphere of the situation,” Mercer said. “They were drafting thousands of people every month and a lot of them were volunteering.”

After reading an advertisement in a local paper, calling for typists to join the Navy, Mercer said he knew he wanted to be a part of the effort. Mercer was enlisted and given a petty officer, third class rating.

“Everybody had a role to play and everybody played their parts,” he said. “The morale of the American people was extremely good back then. I came in contact with a lot of people before I went to Pearl Harbor and worked on Nimitiz’ staff. There was a lot of apprehension but the people were behind it.”

Harvey Mercer

Harvey Mercer

Mercer will turn 91 years old this Sunday, Dec. 7, the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

City projects funded

By Matt Montgomery

The Mustang city council voted unanimously to approve funding for three city projects, including the widening of Mustang Road south of SH 152, wastewater plant treatment upgrades and groundwater treatment for arsenic removal and water re-use.

The three projects came to the council for approval of funds, after the city learned its Series 2013 Note for $7.895 million will mature Dec. 1, 2018.

The city will use $4.5 million for the street widening project, $1 million for the wastewater treatment upgrades and $2.395 million for arsenic removal.

By approving funding, there will be no increase in the amount of annual debt payment. Debt payments will be extended out 11 and 1/2 years.

Mustang Mayor Jay Adams said these projects will be a tremendous benefit to the city and its residents.

“The Mustang road improvements around the high school are going to be critical for our future,” he said. “The arsenic removal systems to the water are also going to be critical for our future as well as the wastewater plant treatment upgrades.”

The city council also approved a resolution for the city to apply for a Programming Surface Transportation Program Fund for the Mustang Road widening project.

Assistant City Manager Justin Battles said this resolution includes utility relocation within the project. That alone will cost $300,000. He said ODOT doesn’t provide funding for this aspect of the project.

“This is going to be a different project than we’ve done before,” Adams said. “We resurfaced South Czech Hall Road for $300,000 and here we’re talking about just moving utilities for $300,000. It’s a whole different ballgame but it’s something that is going to be very important to our future.”

City Manager Tim Rooney said the wastewater treatment plant project and the arsenic removal will be the first projects the city begins. He said the road widening project will take some time, but didn’t put a timetable on it.

Commissioners discuss possible justice center ballot language

By Daniel Lapham

Discussion has begun about possible ballot language for a Feb. 10 vote that could determine how the Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center is funded as well as the Canadian County Jail.

Canadian County commissioners are not on the same page as far as possible language to take to voters. Their work was scheduled to resume Tuesday morning, after they recessed their regular Monday meeting. And the clock is ticking, with ballot language needed by next week in order to make the February vote.

Gary E. Miller Children's Justice Center in El Reno.

Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center in El Reno.

An Oct. 31 decision by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt put a halt to the existing means of funding the center through the permanent .35 cent county sales tax. The sales tax has been used to fund the center’s staff, programs, construction of buildings and maintenance. The Canadian County Excise Board voted on Nov. 18 in a joint meeting with the county commissioners to transfer use tax funds from the general fund to the justice center to maintain operations through January, while a permanent solution is sought.

Staff from the justice center, along with Judge Bob Hughey, representatives from the sheriff’s office and members of the public gathered at Monday’s commissioners meeting to hear proposals for ballot language that could offer long-term funding solutions.

District 2 Commissioner David Anderson presented six drafts to District 1 Commissioner Phil Carson and District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart.

“All of these potential resolutions are simply a starting point,” Anderson said. “We are a long way from anything that is final at this point. This is just a place to start.”

Anderson had earlier proposed the idea of creating a county trust authority that could include the juvenile center as well as the county jail. The proposed authority would determine funding and programs for both entities.

“There just isn’t enough time to work a lot of this out,” Stewart said concerning the development of a trust authority.

Anderson agreed.

“Let me say one thing about the possibility of a jail trust authority. This is not something we are going to resolve in 15 minutes,” Anderson said. “I am the one who introduced the idea, but I think it must be well thought out and we do not have enough time to develop this and answer all of the questions a trust brings up.”

Carson said none of the proposed resolutions offered by Anderson mirror his views.

“I think that the simplest way that we can get the juvenile justice center back into legal operations is what we need to do,” he said. “The voters have voted on this two times. I think the county jail is a separate issue and should not be addressed as a part of this .35 cent tax.”

Carson clarified later that he was referring to the 1996 vote to use the .35 cent sales tax to build and operate the juvenile justice center. The other time, he said, was when voters rejected what was referred to as the “Anderson Plan.” Anderson had proposed redirecting a portion of the sales tax to help fund construction of a county jail. Voters rejected that idea.

“The people spoke clearly each time,” Carson said. “Draft one is a start, but I would like to see wording that will cover things that will cover children in the future. There needs to be language that includes development of programs for kids with developmental disorders that find it challenging to fit into the traditional structure of our public education system. I wish there was wording that could cover these things.”

Carson opposes the use of any of the .35 sales tax for the county jail, while Anderson said this could be a better use of the funds that have seen large increases in reserves. Stewart said he is in the middle and sees some real advantages to being able to transfer “excess funds” into areas where the county may need the additional cash flow.

“We have $6 million in the juvenile justice center account right now,” Stewart said. “We obviously have a tremendous amount of excess funds.”

Anderson said he is cautious not to use the term excess funds because he does not know how that would be defined.

“I do not know what would be considered excess and that is why I did not put that in any of the resolutions,” Anderson said. “Resolution four does say any funds left over could be distributed as deemed necessary by the county.”

Carson said he is against using any of the funds for anything that is not directly under the umbrella of the current juvenile justice center.

“I am totally against that thought,” he said. “As the funding increases, so does the population and in turn the need for bigger and different programs. Right now the need is storm shelters. The way it was voted on twice was for the children of Canadian County and that is the way it should remain.”

The current account holds $2.2 million in a savings, which operates much like a Certificate of Deposit Account (CD), Anderson said.

“We have about $2 million in reserves and we have a little over $1 million  in cash in the operating accounts. That is all sales tax. We have $350,000 in the contract revenue account. This is cash money that is on hand. Any of the contracts that we have not collected yet is not included.”

Mustang boys basketball will heat up winter months

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Mustang High School is loaded with athletic teams that compete for state championships in multiple sports, but the boys basketball team may be the best of the group.

The Broncos entered the 2014-2015 season with expectations that are as big as Texas. Ironically, to start the season, Mustang traveled south of the Red River last weekend to compete in the Duncanville Hoops Festival.

When I first saw that on the schedule, I have to admit, I was a little concerned how well the Broncos were going to compete with some of the best teams in Texas. I know Mustang is a good basketball team, but competing against some of the best in Texas? No way.

I was wrong. Not only did the Bronco boys hold their own against the Texas hoopsters, they won both their games with flying colors. They beat a De Soto team loaded with talent, including Marques Boldon, a 6-foot-11 freak of nature, who many basketball experts consider to be a sure NBA prospect.

Mustang followed that De Soto win with another impressive victory over Dallas Kimbel, which has one of the top backcourts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

For the past several months, the Mustang community has done a great job of supporting the fall athletic teams, including a state championship run by the Lady Broncos softball team and a semifinal run by the Mustang football team, but now it’s time to get behind the winter sports teams.

One of the winter sports teams Mustang needs to support is the boys basketball team. This group of young men has a chance to bring another gold ball back to Mustang. Let’s just put it this way, if they don’t win it all, it will be a big disappointment.

Coach Terry Long and his staff hold the keys to a Porsche with the roster Mustang employs this season.

In the backcourt, it starts with junior guard Jakolby Long. Jakolby is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation and is being recruited by major college Division I basketball programs nationally. Jakolby stands 6-foot-5 and has ball-handling skills of a point guard, the touch of a shooting guard and the strength of a post player. Basically, he’s LeBron James of high school basketball in Oklahoma.

Next up is junior guard Curtis Haywood. This young man is a big reason to get excited for the Bronco boys this season. Haywood is a 6-foot-5 freak of nature. He has the ability to get to the rim at will or knock down the long-range three.

Running the show at the point guard position will be senior Terrell Williams. Williams has been with Long since his freshman year. He has turned into a complete basketball player from his earlier days of being a sharp-shooter only. Look for Williams to have a big senior season.

Senior guard Aubrey Johnson has the ability to light up the scoreboard from beyond the arc as well as anyone across the state of Oklahoma. Johnson has a silky-smooth release that reminds you of Ray Allen. If the 6-foot-2 senior can stay healthy, he could make the difference in the Broncos winning a state title or not this season.

Senior guard Isaiah Hammons is perhaps the fastest player on the Mustang roster this season. Hammons has tremendous length and athleticism and has the ability to shut down the opposing team’s best perimeter player when called upon to do so.

Junior guard Binky Colbert adds depth to an already loaded roster at the guard position. Colbert has the ability to come in and knock down open shots and play solid defense for Long and his staff.

Junior guard Kejuan Frazier is perhaps the most improved player from last year to this year on Long’s team. Frazier saw limited action a year ago as a sophomore, but look for the small guard to come off the bench and run the point when asked to do so. Frazier can drive into the lane and knock down open treys as well as anyone on the team.

In the frontcourt, Mustang has big-time talent as well. It all starts with junior forward Austin Meyer. Meyer is 6-foot-9 and has gotten bigger and stronger since last year. He has a great shooting touch from 15 feet and in and has solid post moves with the ability to shoot over opposing defenders.

Senior forward Geoffrey Hightower is poised to have a big senior season. Hightower is the workhorse down low for Mustang. He does all the dirty work in the paint, but he can also knock down open shots from the outside. Look for the West Texas A&M commit to have a strong final year with Mustang.

Senior forward Dylan Snyder is one of the favorite players on the Broncos roster because he might be the least talented player, but the hardest working at the same time. Every minute of playing time Snyder gets he earns. Last season, Snyder proved he was a hard worker in practice, which earned him playing time. When he got that playing time, he took advantage. Look for Snyder to contribute the same way again this season.

Junior forward Bryce Roberts is a big body that can come in and rebound and defend. Roberts is a talented player but has a raw offensive skill set. He has been in football all fall, so it might take a little while to get him in basketball shape, but when he gets there, look out for Mr. Roberts.

The Mustang community shouldn’t need any extra reason to get excited for the Bronco boys this season, but if they needed one, I just gave you 11 good ones.

Mustang boys make Texas-sized statement in opening weekend

Jakolby Long State

By Sports editor Kyle Salomon,

Mustang didn’t waste any time making a statement to the rest of the state this past weekend on the hardwood, however, the message was delivered from south of the Red River.

The Bronco boys basketball team traveled to Duncanville, Texas, which is right outside of Dallas, and won two games against top-level competition in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Game one came against De Soto High School at Duncanville High School on Friday. De Soto is of one of the top-rated teams in the DFW area and boasts one of the best high school basketball players in the country in Marques Boldon. Boldon is a junior and stands 6-foot-11 and is considered to be a sure-fire major college and NBA prospect in the near future.

Mustang arose to the challenge against De Soto. At one point in the first half, the Broncos trailed by 13 points, but MHS stormed back and got the win 62-60 to start its two-day Texas trip off on the right foot.

Mustang head coach Terry Long said he was proud of his team for gutting out the win against De Soto.

“I’m really proud of the way my team showed a lot of heart and fight in coming back against De Soto,” Long said. “(Marques) Boldon is a big-time player down low, and (junior forward) Austin (Meyer) stepped up to the challenge against one of the best players in the nation. He defended his tail off all game.”

Meyer stands at 6-foot-9 and has length that contended with the 6-foot-11 Boldon.

“We ran a four-guard lineup for the majority of the game because we had to match their athleticism, but our guys handled it really well. That was a good win for us.”

In its second game of the festival, Mustang took on Dallas Kimbel High School on Saturday night. Dallas Kimbel is also one of the top-rated teams in the DFW area and has one of the better backcourts the Broncos will face this season.

In the first half, Mustang allowed Dallas Kimbel to score 49 points, but the second half was a different story. The Broncos tightened up their defense and held Kimbel to 17 points in the final two frames.

The Broncos offense struck fire in the second half against Dallas Kimbel, as they went on to win the game 88-66. The victory secured MHS’ 2-0 record in the Duncanville Hoops Festival.

“We didn’t play very good defense in the first half against Dallas Kimbel,” Long said. “We talked at halftime about needing to start playing basketball in the second half. The guys responded well in the second half and we started to play like a team. At one point, we looked like the San Antonio Spurs out there with the way we were moving the ball.”

Long said he was happy with everyone on his team and the way they competed in the two-day event.

“Aubrey Jonhson (senior guard) shot the ball really well for us,” Long said. “(Junior guards) Jakolby (Long) and Curtis (Haywood) played really well on both sides of the court. (Senior guard) Terrell (Williams) played his tail off for us against some really good guards.

“(Senior forward) Geoffrey Hightower really showed his leadership. There were a lot of times in the two games we had to play a four-guard lineup, so instead of playing him and Austin together we had to only play one post at a time. They were cheering louder than anyone when they were out of the game, you didn’t hear them complaining at all, which shows a lot of character.”

Mustang returned home for its home opener on Tuesday against Deer Creek. Those results will be in the Dec. 11 Mustang News. The Broncos hit the road for the first time in Oklahoma next Tuesday when they travel to Edmond Santa Fe for a 7:30 p.m. game with the Timberwolves.

Lady Broncos more comfortable going into new season

Madison Maxwell Three

By Sports editor Kyle Salomon,

As Kevin Korstjens enters his second year at the helm of Mustang girls basketball, there is a new comfort level surrounding the program.

The Lady Broncos struggled in Korstjens’ first year last season, but there was a lot of improvement made from the beginning of the season to the end. The Bronco girls said goodbye to seniors Brooke Irwin, Tori Shockley, Laci Joyner and Candis Davis.

Irwin was the team’s leading scorer and rebounder last season, but she is now suiting up for Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Shockley was a legitimate spot-up shooter for the Lady Broncos last year. Joyner was a scrappy forward who made numerous plays with her hustle and work ethic throughout the year. Davis was unable to play last season because of an injury she sustained in the preseason.

Korstjens said he’s liked the way his team has looked in the preseason.

“Practice and scrimmages have been going really well,” Korstjens said. “The girls are more comfortable with me in my second year. Last year, we were trying to fill each other out and learn about each other. This year, we are able to work on more basketball things, so we are much farther along.”

With those players moving on, a new group will stand up and lead the Mustang girls this season. The Lady Broncos return starting guards, senior Madison Maxwell and junior Addyson Lawson. Both Maxwell and Lawson will be counted on to be the leaders on the floor for the young Broncos. Both players have the ability to light up the scoreboard on the offensive end and play stout defense on the other end of the court.

Junior forward Sarah Kellogg will be counted on this season to provide solid play in the paint. Kellogg will also be expected to extend her game to the mid-range, where she has been working on her jump shot throughout the offseason.

Sophomore forward Logan Haller got valuable varsity minutes as a freshman last year, but will be counted on more this season to provide the Lady Broncos quality minutes. Junior forward Brandi Russell battled injuries last year, but if she can stay healthy, she will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Senior guard Makayla Basco is another sharp shooter that is returning to the lineup for the Lady Broncos. Basco will look to pick up the spot-up shooting void left by Shockley. Senior guard Bailey Flynn is perhaps the key to the Mustang girls basketball season. Flynn started at point guard for the Lady Broncos as a freshman but has battled injuries the past several seasons. If Flynn can return to the level of play she was at as a freshman, she can carry this team to high places.

Sophomore forward Abbie Niehues is going to be counted on to provide adequate inside play this season for the Bronco girls. Niehues has the height to compete in the paint at the 6A level and the experience she gained last year as a freshman and this summer during summer league games should pay dividends this year.

The Lady Broncos opened up the 2014-2015 regular season on Tuesday at home against Deer Creek. Those results will be in the Dec. 11 Mustang News. Mustang is back in action at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at Edmond Santa Fe.

“The biggest thing I learned from last year was getting to know my players,” Korstjens said. “I have learned what they respond to and what they don’t respond to. We are all more comfortable with each other, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that translates on the court.”

Wrestlers place four at Pre-Turkey Open, open season Thursday at Edmond North

Wrestling Six

By Sports editor Kyle Salomon,

Mustang wrestlers competed in the Pre-Turkey Open Tournament, which was the last preseason tournament of the year on Nov. 26 at Edmond Memorial High School.

It was the first and only tournament the football players that are also wrestlers had the chance to compete at because football season had just ended the previous weekend.

The Broncos grappling squad had four wrestlers place in the event. Sophomore 132-pounder Trey Edwards took second place in his weight class after just coming to wrestling from football several days prior.

Junior Fazon Denby placed third in the 160-pound weight division for the Broncos. Finishing right behind Denby was fellow junior Cole Feland, who took fourth place in the 160-pound class. Junior 170-pounder Ryan Dickson took second place in his weight class.

Mustang coach Brad Dick said the football players were impressive.

“They weren’t in wrestling shape when they came, which is to be expected,” Dick said. “Every sport has a different type of shape. I was really pleased with their overall technique, though. I thought they looked good and once they all get into wrestling shape I think they will be pretty tough to beat.”

Mustang opens the dual season at 6 p.m. tonight at Edmond North, which in recent years has been one of the best wrestling programs in Oklahoma.

Two years ago, the Huskies won the state championship in 6A wrestling and last year, they grabbed the runner-up finish.

Mustang had ranking matches this week to determine who will wrestle at certain weights that are yet to be determined.

At the 106-pound weight class, the Broncos will send freshman Joe Lupton to the mat. At the 113-pound weight class, Mustang will go with junior Jason Clark against Edmond North. In the 120-pound weight division, MHS will send out junior Kerry McNeal.

In the 126-pound weight class, Mustang will go with freshman Tyler Joy against Edmond North. At the 132-pound weight, Edwards will compete for the Broncos. In the 138-pound weight division, junior Colton Franks will get the call for MHS.

In the 145-pound weight division, the Broncos will start with sophomore Gage McBride, who just joined the wrestling program after football season ended. At the 152-pound mark, Mustang will go with junior Wyatt Riggs against Edmond North. In the 160-pound weight class, Denby will be on the mat for MHS.

In the 170-pound weight division, Mustang will go with either Feland or Dickson tonight against the Huskies. At the 182-pound weight class, senior Zach Butler will go for Mustang. Butler is one of the top-rated wrestlers in the state this year and is the headline grappler for MHS.

At the 195-pound weight, the Broncos will go with either junior Kaden Truelove or junior Payton Beck. At the 220-pound weight division, MHS will send sophomore Austin Brown to the mat. In the heavyweight class, sophomore Trey Cossey will compete for Mustang.

“Edmond North is going to be a true test of our mental and physical ability,” Dick said. “I feel like we can compete with them, but we cannot give up a lot of pins in the match. I’m looking forward to it.”