PIGSKIN PREVIEW: Leadership comes natural to Garrett

11 Chandler Garrett Junior

Being a leader can be one of the most daunting tasks asked of someone, but for Mustang junior quarterback Chandler Garrett, it comes naturally.

It seems everywhere the 6-foot-5 star QB goes, he has his own version of the “paparazzi” following close behind. If you go up to Mustang High School during school hours and want to find Garrett, you should try to find the biggest crowd because that’s where he will be.website commentary new.qxd

Garrett doesn’t ask for it, nor does he even like it, but being the quarterback of a school the size of Mustang, he better get used to it.

“It’s not something I really think about, honestly,” he said. “I am just focused on going out on the field and helping my team be successful on Friday nights. That’s my main concern every day right now.”

The junior gunslinger isn’t just a quarterback at Mustang High School. He is one of the top-recruited 2016 football prospects in the state of Oklahoma. It’s easy to understand why when you look at him and what he can accomplish on the football field.

Garrett took over the starting quarterback job midway through the year last season for the Broncos as a sophomore when the MHS coaching staff decided to move three-year starting quarterback and senior captain Frankie Edwards to running back in order to help the team be as successful as possible.

“The experience I gained last year is going to help me a lot this season,” he said. “I know what to expect now. I have played in some big games, so that won’t have any effect on me at all. I am looking forward to the challenges we are going to face this coming year and overcoming them as a team.”

The move benefited both players as Edwards is now playing college football for Oklahoma Baptist University as a running back and Garrett improved drastically as the season went along last year after he took over under center and even turning himself into a national prospect.

The move also was successful for the team, which for the Mustang coaching staff, was the ultimate reason for the decision. The Broncos made a quarterfinal playoff run with Edwards and Garrett both in the backfield for MHS.

In sports, comparisons are often made between athletes, whether it be two athletes who are competing in the same era on different levels, athletes who are in the same era and on the same level or athletes who are competing in different eras.

On the high school level, Garrett has the ability to run the ball with power like Blake Bell did for Oklahoma before he transitioned to tight end this season. However, Garrett has more speed than Bell running from the QB position.

Garrett also has the ability to throw the ball with velocity and touch similar to Sam Bradford did when he played for Putnam City North, OU and now the St. Louis Rams. Garrett’s pocket presence is also impeccable. He has the ability to get his teammates’ attention similar to what Tom Brady can do for the New England Patriots.

Ultimately, my comparison to Garrett is Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, because of his enormous size, rare ability to escape the pocket under duress and make plays when his team needs him the most.

Yes, Garrett will have an enormous amount of pressure on him this season as the leader of the team combined with being a play-maker on offense, but considering the size of his shoulders, Mustang is in good hands with Garrett carrying the load.

“I don’t look at it as having more pressure on me this year,” he said. “I am a lot more comfortable at this time this year than I was last year at this point. I understand the offense more this year and am very comfortable with all of the coaches. I look at it as having less pressure because I’m more comfortable.”