Hader to be Republican candidate


Marc Hader will be the Republican candidate in the November general election for District 1 Canadian County commissioner.

Hader, 50, of Surrey Hills defeated El Reno Republican Wes Higgins in the Tuesday runoff election, capturing a little more than 59 percent of the vote, while Higgins received just over 40 percent. In actual numbers, Hader had 1,341 unofficial votes to 927 for Higgins.

Hader said Wednesday he credited his victory to spending a lot of time knocking on doors and meeting people.

In November, Hader will square off with Justin Joe Atkinson, D-El Reno. While the district, which covers most of Piedmont, north Yukon, Surrey Hills and a bit of north El Reno, is predominately Republican, Hader said he won’t take anything for granted. He said he was “trying to get a little rest” on Wednesday, but expects to be back on the campaign trail in the near future.

Hader said he knows Atkinson and they have “met from time-to-time” while campaigning. He said he expects the race to continue to take the high road, saying he and Higgins both ran campaigns based on issues and not on “personalities.”

An engineer who has worked in both the public and private sector, Hader said he wants to bring a “professional” outlook to the commissioner job if elected.

The winner of the November election will replace Phil Carson, who is retiring.