Time to come out and support our kids Mustang

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Final Point

Today marks the official first day students will be roaming the halls across the district in Mustang Public Schools.

Growing up I always considered the start to a new school year to be a new beginning or a fresh start.

It’s the type of feeling you have when you get to wipe the slate clean and start all over.

For these children that are going back to school, that is very much the case. No matter what happened the school year before, they can come into the new year and build new relationships and repair ones that have been damaged in the past.

As an adult, we don’t quite have the same luxuries as our children because there is no such thing as a summer break from a job, but we can use the start of the school year in almost the same way and support our children and the activities they are involved with through school.

Here in Mustang, we have one of the best overall school districts in the state of Oklahoma. It’s already the fifth largest school system in the state and is still rapidly growing at a pace that would make Usain Bolt look average.

As of right now, there are more than 800 new students to the Mustang Public School system, which is the largest number in the district’s history. The official number of new students won’t be tallied until Oct. 1, which is the official enrollment count day across the state.

With the size of school Mustang has become, there are numerous events that the Mustang community should support.

As the sports editor of the Mustang News, I can certainly tell you about all of the great sporting events that will be taking place starting today, but there are so many more activities and events that are happening outside of the sports world in MPS.

From the Mustang Knight Riders marching band to the FFA, there are many events and activities for the Mustang community to support and enjoy.

As for sports,  the Lady Bronco softball team is always one of the top teams in the state of Oklahoma, and is always in contention for a state title. They begin their regular season at 4:30 today at Putnam City West.

The Mustang volleyball team starts its regular season Friday in a two-day tournament at Bishop McGuinness. The Bronco cross country teams begin the 2014 campaign with the annual 12-hour run that starts at 7 p.m. Friday and concludes at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

And of course, we can’t forget about the football team. The Broncos hit the gridiron for practice this  week and are looking to have another strong season under second-year head coach Jeremy Dombek.

The annual Mustang-Yukon football clash will take place Sept. 6 at Yukon High School. I strongly encourage everyone in the Mustang community to make the short drive up to Yukon to watch the Broncos and Millers tango.

I know we all are busy and have the tendency to get caught up in our everyday, but let’s take a step back from ourselves every now and then and go and support our kids at Mustang Public Schools. To have the community behind them would mean more to them than you could imagine.

Kyle Salomon is the sports editor at the Mustang News. He can be reached at ksalomon@mustangnews.info.