Osborne reflects on summer internship with Mustang News


By Patrick Osborne,

Well Mustang, it has been a good run. My internship with the Mustang News has ended, and it’s time for me to return to Stillwater and Oklahoma State University.

I learned so much from this experience. Ryan, Ashleigh, Kyle and Kristen, you all welcomed me with open arms from the beginning and made sure to take the time to help me learn all sides of the newspaper business. I’m incredibly thankful for all of you, you made me a better writer this summer.

I came to the office my first day expecting to write solely about sports and work for Kyle, my sports editor. Although during my eight weeks I spent a majority of the time working under him, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The office family made sure to take the time to give me at least a week with each of them so that I could learn their trades.

Ashleigh gave me my most unexpected opportunity to learn. She taught me more than I ever expected to know about how to edit pictures and design ads from scratch. She made it all look so easy and never got frustrated when I had questions.

The last week of my internship, Ryan and Kristen took me under their wings, and gave me a chance to see the business side of running a successful newspaper. They let me tag along with them selling ads, but taught me more than how to just sell adds. They taught me how to connect to people, my readers, and the community.

Finally, there was Kyle. He trusted me and my abilities from day one, and his trust never waivered. He gave me so many opportunities to grow as a writer, and I did my best to take advantage of all of them. I was never treated as an intern with him, but rather a member of his sports staff. He took the time every week to sit down with me and not only edit my mistakes but also discuss with me why he was editing certain aspects of my work so I could grow as a writer.

For my readers, I would like to thank you for all your kind words of encouragement. I hope you enjoyed my writing, or at least found it informative. I truly enjoyed not only writing this summer, but also the connections I got to make with so many wonderful people from my hometown.

This was my first internship experience, and it’s one I will never forget. I fully believe I can take all that I’ve learned this summer back to Oklahoma State with me as a launch pad to continue to grow as a writer.

I am beyond thankful that I was able to write for my hometown newspaper; not many people get the chance to do that I could. So thank you again to the Mustang community and the Mustang News for this wonderful opportunity and experience you provided me with.

Patrick Osborne was the summer intern at the Mustang News.