MHS top-30 athletes: Nos. 6-10

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Sports editor Kyle Salomon is ranking his current top-30 Mustang High School athletes in a six-week series of columns. This week he is revealing Nos. 6-10.

Here is a look at Nos. 6-10 in my current top-30 Mustang High School athletes list.

6. Austin Meyer, junior, basketball

Austin Meyer is perhaps the best-kept secret when it comes to Mustang High School basketball. You might ask yourself, “How can a 6-foot-10 forward that can move and handle the ball like a guard and has a mid-range jump shot be a secret in high school basketball?”Austin Meyer One

That question is definitely warranted. The fact of the matter is, Meyer is one of the best post players in the state of Oklahoma and he is being recruited by several major college universities to come play basketball for their respective institutions.

When Meyer does get the ball down low and has the freedom to go to work on the block, there is not a single high school basketball player in this state who could stop him.

His style of play reminds me of a young Tim Duncan. Yeah, Thunder fans, remember that guy? Well, Meyer has the ability to have the type of impact on the game that Duncan does for the Spurs. Just imagine if Meyer was used like Duncan in the Mustang offense.

Meyer is a highlight reel waiting to happen. If you question that, I beg you to go to You Tube and find the video of the MHS junior one-handing a pass from a teammate and throwing it down in a way only Blake Griffin could understand.

If the Broncos do follow through and cut the nets down next March as the state champions, Meyer will be a big reason why.

7. Alina Magruder, senior, soccer

Alina Magruder is fast, real fast. The senior forward on the Lady Broncos soccer team is so fast it’s hard to take photos of her running down the field to go score a goal.Alina Magruder One

Magruder is one of the best athletes in all of Mustang High School and is one of the best girls soccer players in the state of Oklahoma. She has a rare knack to be at the right spot at the right time and find the ball with an open shot at the goal.

If Magruder has an open shot at the goal you might as well just go ahead and put a point on the scoreboard in Mustang’s favor because that ball is going into the back of the net.

Magruder was a highly sought after soccer player all over the country, but she eventually decided to verbally commit to play at Iowa University.

Entering her final campaign as a Lady Bronco, Magruder will help lead the Bronco girls soccer team to another state tournament berth that this time will lead to gold in the end.

8. Josh Turner, junior, rowing

Josh Turner might be the best overall athlete at Mustang High School, but he’s the most unknown athlete at Mustang High School.Josh Turner

Want to know why?

Turner doesn’t play a sport that is sanctioned by the OSSAA or a sport that Mustang High School employs.

The Mustang High School junior is a national champion rower for his age division and is being recruited nationally by colleges to come and row for them.

Turner wasn’t always into the rowing scene. Baseball was his true first love growing up, but the left-hander failed to make the cut his freshman year and he decided to give rowing a shot.

What seemed devastating at the time by not making the high school baseball team turned into a blessing in disguise.

If Turner continues on this path of success in the water, we will be watching him representing our great country in the Olympics someday.

9. Amirah Jones, senior, track

Amirah Jones earned her way into my top 10 current Mustang High School athletes when I went to the state track meet last May at Yukon High School and saw the then-MHS junior flying around the track earning a third-place overall finish in the girls 400-yard dash.Amirah Jones One

Jones will enter her senior season as one of the favorites to compete for the state championship in the 400-yard dash next May.

If the Lady Bronco senior has a strong fall and winter entering track season next spring, there is no reason why she won’t be wearing the gold medal around her neck as a state champion in mid-May next year.

10. Caisey Jones, senior, softball

Caisey Jones is all about one thing, softball. The MHS senior has lived and breathed the sport since she was born.

It’s not hard to figure out why as her mother, Amy Jones, was an All-State softball player for Mustang High School and is the most popular person when it comes to softball in and around the Mustang area.Caisey Jones One

Caisey’s older sister, Bailey Jones, was a softball player at Mustang High School and is now playing at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany.

So the fact that Caisey’s life is centered around softball is no surprise.

Caisey is making the move from second base and third base to short stop going into her final year for the Lady Broncos and she will be counted on to be a leader for the young team this fall.

There is no doubt, Caisey will play softball at the next level, but before that happens, she will try and help the Broncos softball team to a state championship in head coach Brian Howard’s first year on the job.

Kyle Salomon is the sports editor at the Mustang News and can be reached at