Mudd Volleyball Tournament is big time success in Mustang

Good Bad and Muddy Champions

By Kyle Salomon,

The annual Mudd Volleyball Tournament in Mustang had another successful year last weekend with 136 teams participating in the two-day event.

For the 13th consecutive year, the Muscular Dystrophy Association held its annual Mudd Volleyball Tournament in Mustang, and for the 13th consecutive year, the amount of money raised was higher than the previous year.

The 136 teams that participated in the tournament were the most in event history. All of the proceeds from the weekend will go to the Oklahoma region of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. First-year event coordinator Moira McCarthy said the 2014 version was a major success.

“I’m just really touched and happy that so many people are willing to help and are committed to this event for such a good cause,” McCarthy said. “It takes a lot to get a team together and to have 136 teams come out is truly amazing.”

The cost for each team to play in the tournament ranged from $300 to $425. The estimated total raised was $100,000, which is the most the Mudd Volleyball Tournament has raised in its 13 years in Mustang.

“Our goal is to make it fun for everyone that is involved,” McCarthy said. “We heard a lot of wonderful things from people who participated in the event about what a great time they had throughout the weekend. We had a lot of volunteers from 7-Eleven help us with everything from setting up to taking stuff down.”

The Mudd Volleyball Tournament had 17 total sponsors with 7-Eleven being the main sponsor for the event. The other 16 sponsors included Muscular Dystrophy Association, Newby Vance Mobility Sales and Service, John Vance Auto Group, Bob FM 96.9, Oklahoma City Party and Tent, Monster Energy, Budweiser, Wild 104.9, Digi Print, Silver Stallion, BTP Productions, Frito Lay, Pepsi, 96.1 KXY Oklahoma’s Classic Country, Katt Rock 100.5 FM and JAK’D Up Tees.

“There is no way this event would be possible without the help from our awesome sponsors,” McCarthy said. “All of our sponsors were really happy with how the tournament turned out. We all had a really successful weekend.”

The championship match of the tournament took place late in the afternoon on Sunday between the Good Bad and Muddy and the Mudd Dogs. The Mudd Dogs were undefeated coming into the final match, while Good Bad and Muddy had one loss. The championship match was the first one to win three games.

The scoring system was the first team to score 11 points won the game with the winning team having to win by two or more points. Only the serving team could score points.

Good Bad and Muddy swept the Mudd Dogs three games to none in the championship bout to capture the 2014 Mudd Volleyball crown.

After the final match, the championship team signed their autographs on a volleyball for Kenneth Carpenter and took a photo with Kenneth’s mother, Amanda Taylor.

For the past eight years the tradition has been for the winning team to autograph a ball for 11-year-old Kenneth and take a photo with his mother.

Taylor said the Mudd Volleyball Tournament is a special event for her family.

“We are so very thankful that this tournament supports such an important cause,” she said. “There are so many grateful donations. This is very personal to our family. We have been playing in this tournament for eight years and to see it grow the way it has is very special.”

Kyle Salomon is the sports editor at the Mustang News and can be reached at