Mustang has big dreams for new little league park


By Kyle Salomon

New doesn’t always equal better, but in Mustang’s case with its new Little League baseball complex, new does in fact mean better.

After the first full season of spring and summer baseball, the Mustang Little League baseball facility passed its first test as an up and coming complex in the Oklahoma City area.

Mustang Parks and Recreational Director Justin Battles said he was pleased with what the new complex provided for the city in its first year.

“Overall it went well,” he said. “The process is still very green. We are still very much a young park. We still have work to do with concessions and restrooms. We will continue to grow and move in the direction to being what we want it to be in the future.”

Battles said there are always improvements to be made, especially after the first season, but he is happy with where they are in the process.

“We definitely call it a successful start,” he said. “We are going to focus on concessions and bathrooms right now as well as getting shade structures in place, trees planted and more walkways by the start of next spring.”

With the new complex continuing to improve, Battles said he expects the number of teams competing in the Little League will be on the rise.

“We firmly believe if we produce a premier facility, we will see more and more teams come to Mustang to play,” he said. Our goal is to have a complex that people are proud to call their own and enjoy it.”

Another benefit of having a new facility is having the opportunity to attract big baseball tournaments to Mustang. Different state tournaments and even some youth baseball world series tournaments are what Mustang has its eyes set on in the future.

“We definitely would like to see that happen,” Battles said. “Having a lot of teams here and having people here spending money in the city of Mustang would be a great thing. Hopefully, we can get to that point. That is definitely a goal of ours.”

Battles said the goal for the new facility and all the facilities at Wild Horse Park is to provide the citizens of Mustang with a facility they can be proud of and enjoy.

“We want to be a premier park in the state,” he said. “We want the people of Mustang to enjoy the park and have a good experience when they are here, whether it be for sports, on the walking path or on the playground.”

The next project the Parks and Recreational Department is going to focus on will be the youth football field.

Battles said they are still working on the field they have now, but they are not content with the current facility as it sits right now.

“We don’t know what exactly we are going to do yet,” he said. “We just know we are going to make improvements to our youth football facility. That could include improving the current facility or it could include building a whole new facility.”

Battles said the relationship between the city and the Mustang school district is a good one and they are working together to provide the citizens of Mustang with the best facilities in the area.

“Many of the current coaches are in constant conversation with us on how we can work together,” he said. “We have a great relationship with the school district. They are a big part of what we do and I hope we are a big part of what they do.”