Logan Towe selected as USSSA 9U All-American

Batting One

By Kyle Salomon,

When Logan Towe and his parents were making the trip to Tulsa last month to try out for the 9U USSSA All-American baseball team, they went with no expectations.

When they arrived back in Mustang, the 9-year-old Mustang Valley Elementary student had been named to the USSSA All-American team and was selected to play in the USSSA All-American Tournament in Kissimmee, Fla., as a part of the Midwest team. Logan was one of 120 young baseball players ages 9 through 14 selected to participate.

The tryout tested the young baseball players in a variety of ways such as the 60-yard dash to measure their speed, infield drills to test their fielding ability, pitching drills to test their arm strength and accuracy off the mound and catching drills to test their pop time from the second they release the ball behind the plate to the moment the middle infielder catches it at second base.

Logan is a pitcher, third baseman and catcher, so he participated in all of the drills as well as the hitting drills, where the young slugger excels in showing off his rare power for a 9-year-old.

Logan said being around a lot of really good young baseball players like himself was a cool experience.

“There were a lot of kids there,” he said. “You got to see a lot of kids that you don’t know and you get to see what they play like.”

When he heard the good news that he had been selected to the squad, Logan said he was really excited.

The next step in the process will take place July 31 when the Towes travel to Kissimmee to compete in the All-American Tournament. The games will begin Aug. 1, with an opening ceremony that night.

The tournament will provide a four-game guarantee to each team participating, which includes pool play to determine the bracket. Once the bracket is set, the elimination round will take over for the remainder of the event.

Logan’s father, J.R. Towe, said the whole family was ecstatic when they heard the news.

“We try really hard to keep things in perspective for him (Logan),” he said. “He likes playing competitive sports, and that’s fantastic, but at the end of the day, he’s still a 9-year-old kid that gets to play baseball, so the whole time we made sure to tell him we were going for the tryout. The experience was for him to try out. We just took him because they get evaluated by ex-Major League Baseball players, MLB scouts, college coaches and high school coaches.

“It was going to be a really cool experience for him. We want him to be able to look back on this and have some memories. He certainly was excited when he made the team.”

Logan has been playing the game he loves since he was 4 years old. He said he fell in love with baseball the moment he started playing.

The 9-year-old phenom plays for a traveling baseball team called the Oklahoma Hawks. They travel all over the state and surrounding states such as Arkansas and Texas. They played a tournament in Arkansas earlier this year and are planning to go to Texas to compete in a world series later this month.

Logan said after it’s all said and done, combined with the travel team and his league team, he plays roughly 80 baseball games per year.

It would be many more baseball games, but Logan is not a one-sport athlete. He plays football and basketball as well. Logan is the quarterback and middle linebacker for his football team.

Logan’s football coach, J.R. Conrad, said the youngster is a hard worker.

“He has a tremendous work ethic,” he said. “He gets it. He does everything right. He’s an outstanding competitor, and he has a great demeanor. He’s never in a hurry. He has very composed emotions, which is extremely rare for a 9-year-old.”

As far as personal coaches are concerned, the Towes have surrounded Logan with some of the best sports minds around the area.

Former MLB All-Star and Silver Slugger Award winner Mickey Tettleton has been Logan’s personal coach since he was the young age of 6, and former NFL Super Bowl winner Billy Bajema taught Logan how to pitch.

“I’m good friends with his dad, J.R., so when he was getting out of machine pitch I worked with him,” Bajema said. “We worked on his form and his technique. He has a great ability to listen to what you tell him and make his body do it.”

Tettleton said Logan has a great ability to grasp things.

“He’s just an impressive kid in every way,” he said. “He understands everything we are trying to do with his swing and he wants to be great. It’s going to be exciting to see how good he can be as he gets older and stronger.”

When it comes to his future, Logan has dreams of getting a college scholarship to play baseball either at OU or OSU. He said he would like to be an engineer if he doesn’t make it to the MLB.

As far as MLB players and teams that are his favorites, Logan said he likes the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers, but his favorite baseball player is the great Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter.

When Logan is not on an athletic field hitting home runs or running for touchdowns, he enjoys being a normal 9-year-old kid. He said he likes to jump curbs on his bike, go fishing, cliff dive into lakes and play Mind Craft, which he said will help him with engineering if he doesn’t play professional baseball.

There is no doubt Logan Towe has a bright future on the diamond and on the gridiron, but he is also a normal 9-year-old boy who enjoys being a kid, but also enjoys being a great athlete.