Mustang children raise more than $1,000 in fight for Farrah

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By Traci Chapman

Farrah Love Sinclair has gone through more in her two years than many adults endure in a lifetime.

A little girl with a big heart, Farrah seems to have a knack at inspiring everyone around her, father Daxton Sinclair said. That was perhaps no better illustrated last weekend, when a group of Mustang Cub Scouts gathered in the Sunday heat to sell lemonade and baked items, all to raise funds for Farrah and her family.

“It was just a way we could help, it was something the boys wanted to do for her,” Monica Rachelle said, referring to her son, Hayden Weathers and his fellow Pack 398 members.


Hayden was one of those inspired by Farrah. Although young himself, he could recognize that Farrah was hurting and her family needed some support. After donating some money he received, he told his mom he wanted to do more. The Scouts and their parents banded together, and the group raised more than $1,092 in donations last weekend.

“It’s just incredible, we just can’t believe how people came out to support this,” Monica said Sunday.

The group’s efforts were more than just monetary, Daxton said. With a little girl who just turned 2 in April and who recently finished radiation treatments, the family has gone through a roller-coaster ride. Next up come experimental procedures – after another milestone for the family.

“We have a baby due on Monday, it’s literally any day,” Daxton said.


The new baby will arrive as Farrah, in a way, begins her own baby steps, her father said. Treatments have made it necessary for the little girl to learn again how to walk, to relearn speaking and other developmental milestones most parents take for granted.

“She re-learned to walk – three weeks ago she couldn’t do it, now she’s running everywhere,” Daxton said. “She loves babies, and we think she’s going to be great as big sister.

“Right now she’s having lots of good days, and that’s all we can ask for,” he said.

Farrah Love Sinclair (Photo/Courtesy)

With the family living in Edmond, it was a surprise that a small Mustang boy, a family acquaintance, could find such generosity in his heart, Daxton said. It was a testament to the best people could be, he said.

“It’s a true blessing – of all the things we’ve seen through this, the generosity of a young child really is amazing,” Daxton said. “We named her ‘Love’ for a reason and we want as many people as possible to share in that love.


“Hayden showed all of us just how much love really can be shared,” he said.