Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Our granddaughter is in special education and Special Olympics and we have enjoyed all of the recent stories about these kids and who they are. It is difficult for the families sometimes because our loved one’s struggle is not seen by many people and people don’t realize how hard they work or how much they go through every day. It’s only through the hard work of people like Cherie Miller and her teachers that our granddaughter has grown and achieved so much.

She was once a very isolated and quiet girl. Now she has blossomed into a beautiful and outgoing person who is happy and content. Thanks to people at the school district and to those at the Mustang News, we now aren’t the only ones who know that.

We are very happy to see that the newspaper is looking at all of the positive things in Mustang and the school district. It is very nice for us to be able to show a newspaper and say to people, “That’s our girl,” just like football and athletes’ parents can do. They are athletes and they really are special. They’re a great group of kids and we appreciate this recognition. Keep up the good work.

Ed Barnes, Mustang