Throwing program provides results for Bronco baseball players

John Madison One

By Kyle Salomon,

For the third consecutive summer, the Mustang baseball team is going through its throwing program three mornings per week throughout the summer months and into the fall.

The program is designed around band work to strengthen not only the main muscles a player uses to throw a baseball, but the surrounding muscles that aid in the process as well.

The throwing program was created by ex-Major League baseball players. It is set up to build arm strength and endurance and ultimately prevent arm or shoulder injuries.

Mustang head coach Scott Selby said he is pleased with the results of the program in his coaching career.

“I have been using that throwing program in the offseason since I coached at Southwestern (Oklahoma State University),” he said. “When we started using it at SWOSU, we saw the number of arm injuries and arm surgeries go down in a big way. This is our third summer to do it at Mustang and we are very pleased with the results.”

Selby said the rubber bands not only work out the arm and shoulder but the entire body including the core muscles.

“It’s important to have a very strong core area when you are playing baseball,” he said. “Not just for pitchers but for every position. When you have a strong core, it takes a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder and decreases your chance for injury. It also gives you a wider range of motion. It’s important to be flexible.”

In the previous two years, the baseball team has just done the throwing program in the summer months, but this season Selby said he is going to have the team do the program into the fall when school starts back up.

“We are going to incorporate this program into our fall schedule,” he said. “I think the players really like it and it would be good to keep doing it as we start working on the field during fall practice. We can keep strengthening our arms and shoulders while we are getting work in on the field.”

Selby said he doesn’t follow the throwing program by the book and he implements some of his own exercises into the regiment.

“Everyone that does this program has their own tweaks they make to it,” he said. “We have the players working with a medicine ball as well as the bands to help give them more core strength than the bands do.”

Mustang junior pitcher Cade Fulton said he likes the throwing program and he has been doing it for a number of years.

“You definitely see a difference,” he said. “You can feel it in your arm and shoulder too. You just feel a lot stronger and a lot more capable to throw the baseball the way you want to throw it because you feel a lot stronger.

“It works everything. Your core gets a lot stronger and your whole body gets a good workout. As a pitcher it gives you a lot more velocity and power behind your pitches. It’s a great program and I’m glad we do it.”