Pack 398 reaches out to help little girl and family who loves her

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By Traci Chapman

It’s a story of two children – a little girl and the boy who wants to help her.

Almost two years ago, Farrah Love was diagnosed with brain cancer – shortly before her second birthday. A little girl with a lot of love and support, that network expanded in a big way recently when a Mustang Cub Scout decided to give a simple gift.

That child was Cub Scout Troop 398 member Hayden Weathers. During the troop’s efforts to clean up a field, a benefactor stopped to pay the boys for their efforts. After the Scouts divvied up their windfall, each received $28.

What Hayden did next started something that would extend to everyone in his troop and beyond. Hayden knew about Farrah and her fight, and he told his mom, Monica Rachelle, he wanted to give his gift to Farrah and her family to “help out.” He wasn’t done, though, Monica said.

“He just wanted to do more, he really doesn’t understand what Farrah is going through or how serious it is, but he knows he wants to help her,” she said.

That help will come through a lemonade stand and bake sale, scheduled for Sunday, June 22. Held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Mustang Pizza Hut, all proceeds will go to help Farrah’s family with her care and treatment, Monica said.

“We’re just hoping we can get the community out to help in this cause – it would mean the world to her family,” Monica said.

Pizza Hut is located at 350 N. Mustang Road. For more information, see the News’ Facebook page at