Football program searches for leaders in Summer Pride workouts

Zach Davis One

By Kyle Salomon,

This past Monday morning marked the first day of the Summer Pride season for the Broncos football program.

Mustang football players battled the heat and humidity from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. as they went through a series of conditioning drills both in the weight room and on the football field at Bronco Stadium.

Mustang head coach Jeremy Dombek said he was happy with his team’s effort on the first day of summer workouts.

“We are out of shape,” he said. “That’s the first thing that stood out to me. But that’s not uncommon for this time of year. The key is coming out here and working hard all through the summer and preparing our bodies and our minds for the upcoming season. The main thing you want to see on day one is the intensity level. I thought that was good today.”

Summer Pride will take place every week during the summer months and run four days per week. The players will have every Friday off from workouts. Each player will spend one hour on the field working on conditioning drills and one hour in the weight room lifting. Every session will conclude with a series of 100-yard gassers. On Monday, the Broncos ran 12 100-yard gassers to close the first day.

It was a struggle for some of the players, but Dombek told them at the end of the workout to keep their heads up and keep working hard and eventually it will get easier.

Dombek said it is easy to have good intensity and a lot of energy on the first day, but the key is sustaining it throughout the summer.

“We knew there was going to be a lot of excitement out here today,” he said. “Everyone got better today. We have to keep it up, though. We can’t come out here in a couple of weeks and not have the same level of intensity or focus. Those are the days when it becomes really hard. I think this group will handle that well.”

Dombek said the goal of Summer Pride is not just to get in great shape, but to build team chemistry and develop leaders.

“Of course we want to prepare our bodies the best we can,” he said. “We want to be in great shape as a football team, but we can use this time to really build team chemistry and team character. If we are all out here working hard, it sets the tone for the season. This is the time the leaders will start to emerge as well. We are looking forward to seeing who steps up into those roles.”

From a player perspective, the first day went well, but junior quarterback Chandler Garrett knows the intensity needs to keep improving throughout the summer.

“We all know they (the coaches) didn’t give us everything yet,” he said. “I thought it was a good first day, but we need to come out and get better every day. Our intensity level needs to get higher and higher with each workout.”

Senior defensive back Zach Davis echoed Garrett’s comments, but he added the team needs to have a “no nonsense” mentality.

“We have high goals for this season,” he said. “In order to accomplish those goals we have to have a great summer. I thought today was OK, but it needs to be better. We can’t take any rep off. We have to give all we got on everything we do if we want to achieve our goals.”