Mustang students part of all-state team

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By Patrick Osborne

Mustang graduates Katelyn Fischer and Laci Joyner competed in the Oklahoma Fast Pitch Softball Coaches Association All-State Game last weekend at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond.

The two former Broncos had one last game on the diamond together in their Mustang uniforms under the leadership of former Mustang head coach Tim Wade. Wade praised both girls not only for their on-field abilities but also their off-field traits.

“Both are such great kids,” he said. “Not only are they great girls, but also are two of the top softball players in the state.”

Both players went 1-2 at the plate during the game while adding some solid defensive play in the field.

The All-State Game, held every summer, is a chance to showcase some of the best and most talented softball girls from across the state of Oklahoma. Wade said although the game was held to honor the careers of some talented softball players, its main purpose was to get them out on the field and have fun.

“It’s a really fun deal,” he said. “It was an honor as a coach to be a part of it.”

At Mustang, Fischer was a three-year starter in the outfield for Wade until her senior year. During her senior year, without hesitation, Fischer moved to catcher at her coach’s request, a big risk for any athlete going into their final season, Wade said.

“She had such a great attitude,” Wade said. “Great work ethic the whole time and did a great job for us behind the plate.”

While at Mustang, Joyner was a four-year starter at shortstop, where she grew into one of the best defensive players at her position in the state, Wade said.

From the beginning, Wade said he could see the two players would turn into something special, while at the same time hoped the two would turn into something special as they have.

“It’s sort of like watching a thoroughbred horse.” he said. “As they grow and get better, you hope they turn into the best horse out there.”

The former Mustang coach said both were coaches on the field for him and his staff and accepted the role of senior leaders, helping to build the program toward a better future.

Both plan to continue playing softball at the next level this fall. Fischer will head to Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, while Joyner will join four other former Broncos at Oklahoma City University.

For now, though, all three can sit back and soak in this final game together after four years of this player and coach combination.

“It was great,” Fischer said. “It was just a good feeling knowing I would finish my high school career off with him as my coach and Laci on my team.”


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