City lifts burn ban

chief hickman

By Traci Chapman

Recent rains mean the end – at least for now – of Mustang’s burn ban.

Mustang Fire Chief Carl Hickman said Tuesday the ban was lifted, after several days of soaking rains and with forecasters projecting more precipitation on the way in coming days.

“It’s always great for us when we see this kind of activity and then we look at temperatures in the 80s in June,” Hickman said. “That’s always a positive for firefighters.”

According to Oklahoma Mesonet, Oklahoma City’s west rainfall station has posted 12.51 inches of rain so far this year, 11.45 inches of that in the last 90 days. The station logged 4.16 inches in the last 10 days, according to Mesonet data.

That doesn’t mean Mustang is out of the woods when it comes to fire danger, particularly with the July 4 Independence Day holiday right around the corner, the chief said.

“That’s a time when people really need to be vigilant because a fire can happen anywhere under any conditions,” Hickman said.

While the ban has been lifted, the city’s permanent water rationing remains in effect. Mustang, following Oklahoma City’s lead, continues its Stage 1 water rationing, with odd/even watering “now permanently in effect,” City Manager Tim Rooney said. What that means for residents is even-numbered street addresses water on even days of the month, and odd-numbered addresses are able to water on odd days.

Still, recent rains and the chance of more on the horizon have been a relief for officials concerned about the possibility of a long, hot, dry summer.

“We’re all very pleased at this point,” Hickman said. “It’s not like it can’t change – it is Oklahoma, after all – but this is a good place to be.”

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