Discovery yields 120 pounds of marijuana

Pot 2

A Sunday check at a Canadian County truck stop ended with the discovery of about $650,000 in marijuana, officials said.

Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West said deputies contacted a truck driver at TA Truck Stop, Morgan Road and Interstate 40, early Sunday. After “smelling the strong odor of marijuana coming from one of the vehicles on his car hauler,” deputies obtained the truck driver’s consent to search a 2013 Chevrolet Impala the man was hauling from Los Angeles to Memphis, West said.

“Once inside the vehicle, deputies quickly found several bundles of high grade marijuana that was concealed behind the car’s dashboard,” West said. He said they found about 120 pounds.

“It was everywhere – behind the dash, in the bumper, in the doors,” he said.

West estimated the marijuana’s street value at about $650,000.

After investigating the truck driver and the car itself, deputies determined the car was a rental and the truck driver – who was not identified – was not arrested or detained, West said.

Investigators have uncovered information concerning the individual who rented the vehicle and they expect to present a complaint to the Canadian County district attorney’s office “shortly,” West said.

“Until we have an arrest or charges, we won’t release any more information about what we’ve discovered, but we expect this to move pretty quickly,” he said.