Students bring Smaug to life

smaug 1

By Traci Chapman

It was anything but desolation in Mustang Elementary’s art room last week, as Smaug from the Hobbit book and film series came to life.

Led by teacher Kent Hathaway, the giant dragon and his treasure were made completely of milk cartons. It’s the fourth project completed by the school for the Made by Milk contest. Hathaway and his students have won the last three contests they entered with creations of a coral reef, Golden Gate Bridge and space shuttle.

On Friday, Hathaway introduced students to the Hobbits’ story. With full voice impersonations, props and a “Gollum” move or two, the Mustang Elementary “artist in residence” made the characters real to groups of elementary schoolchildren.


Pictured with Smaug:


Miguel Lara

Olivia Scott

Lauren Johnson

Gracelyn Higgens

Trajen Williamson

Cadence Keller

Tritan Santillan

Mason Lake

Truit Barnes

Cameron Bell

Lane Hartwick

Hudson Hague

Hunter George

Tyson Wilson

Jaelyn Barker

Jett Preston

Jackson Jones

Brett Shannon

Casey Woods

Emily Yates

Teacher Kent Hathaway