Crews move forward on 89th Street repairs

silver star 89th 2

By Traci Chapman

Crews with Silver Star Construction on Tuesday were winding up the first phase of Mustang’s SW 89th Street improvement project.

What that means for drivers is the reopening of SW 89th Street between Mustang and Sara roads, hopefully on Friday, Silver Star officials said. Work began a few weeks ago and on Tuesday, crews laid asphalt following work by crews with Canadian County District 2, who helped grade the road surface and leveled the shoulder. Temporary striping and grass seeding the shoulder should be done, with the road open to traffic Friday, barring any weather issues, Silver Star President Steve Shawn said.

“We’ll do permanent striping next week, again weather permitting,” Shawn said.

Next, it’s on to round two, as crews prepare to begin Friday digging up the old asphalt in preparation for laying a new SW 89th Street between Sara and Morgan roads, Shawn said.

In between the two projects, crews would head to Wild Horse Park to work on parking areas for the city’s new baseball complex, Silver Star asphalt superintendent Jack Shannon said. Silver Star will use materials from the SW 89th Street project to complete that project, he said.

Residents and other drivers have generally been good about staying outside the barriers where roads were being worked on, Shawn and Shannon said. However, as they headed to their next section, the men warned drivers the next section could contain hidden hazards.

Crews with Silver Star Construction work on repairs to SW 89th Street Tuesday. The next phase of road repair – from Sara to Morgan roads – is expected to begin Friday. (Photo/Traci Chapman)

“It could really be a dangerous situation because we are going to be doing work on pipes and tinhorns so people need to stay off that section until we are finished,” Shawn said. “Someone could go into a ditch and have damage or worse – there’s going to be a lot there.”

The projects were made possible when Mustang City Council voted in March to pay for $450,000 of improvements from the city street improvement fund. Council approved the project on what several members called “some of the worst roads” in Mustang. The fund had about $650,000 before the project was approved, Mustang City Manager Tim Rooney said.

“Pavement conditions along 89th Street have really deteriorated rapidly over the last several months,” Rooney said at that time. “We did utilize our own contractor to perform some patches and repairs beginning in January to address the most serious surface conditions, but those were temporary and we knew they weren’t a long-term fix to the issues on SW 89th Street.”

That’s where Silver Star came in, Shawn said. The company, which does work for Mustang, Oklahoma City, Moore and other municipalities, is familiar with Mustang projects and were able to get started quickly on the two one-mile segments east and west of Sara Road.

Phase 1 of the project was a $280,000 road replacement. Crews first milled the stretch, performed base stabilization, replaced tinhorns and smoothed out the road shoulder. Their final “major” step – to add the 4-inch asphalt overlay – was done Tuesday, Shannon said.

The remaining section – from Sara Road east to Morgan Road – would also be milled, with a chip seal overlay. The expected cost of that portion was about $150,000. Council approved a $20,000 contingency to address any possible issues with the project.

Residents have been happy with the city’s decision to make the repairs, on stretches of road heavily traveled by those in Mustang’s 12-mile radius and beyond, Rooney and Silver Star officials said.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop and tell us how glad they are the city decided to do this – it was in rough shape,” Shannon said. “It’s been a good project and we’ve been relatively lucky with the weather.”