Powerlifters take state championship

State Championship Team

By Kyle Salomon,

Mustang’s powerlifting team won the 2014 Class 6A state championship and the large-school overall state championship March 14 in the powerlifting state championship meet.

The Broncos pulled the upset over Midwest City, which had won the previous six large-school and Class 6A powerlifting state championships.

The state championship meet was held at McLoud High School.

The powerlifting meets consist of three types of lifts – the bench press, squat and dead lift. There are 11 different weight classes and each participating school has three in each weight class.

The 11 weight classes are 123 pounds, 132 pounds, 145 pounds, 157 pounds, 168 pounds, 181 pounds, 198 pounds, 220 pounds, 242 pounds, 275 pounds and the heavyweight division.

Most of the powerlifting teams across the state are made up of football players from their respective schools. Mustang is no different as every lifter in the program is a football player for the Broncos.

“I’m really proud of these kids for how hard they work every day,” Mustang coach Glennis Ring said. “They come ready to go to work with great attitudes and have great intensity. This was a great accomplishment, and it should give them a lot of confidence in football.”

Mustang placed nine lifters in the event. Junior Miles McFadden took fourth overall in the squat in the 123-pound weight class. Junior Preston Ochoa finished fourth overall in the entire 145-pound weight division.

Junior Chase Brown took first in the squat competition at 157 pounds. Brown was 5 pounds shy of setting the state record. Brown was second in the bench and finished second overall in the 157-pound weight class.

Senior Dakota Sellers finished second in the squad in the 168-pound weight division. Senior Frankie Edwards finished fifth in the bench press in the 181-pound weight class and sixth overall in the division.

Junior Jordan Umphreys placed second in the squat in the 181-pound weight class. Sophomore Luke Ring competed in the 198-pound weight division, placing fourth in the squat, second on the bench press and third overall in the weight class. If Ring would have won first-place overall, it would have been his third consecutive year.

Senior Jayden Ray lifted in the 220-pound weight division. Ray placed third overall in the dead lift. Junior Larry King competed in the 275-pound weight class, taking third in the squat.

The Broncos powerlifting team also won the Class 6A southwest regional and overall large-school regional championship, held at Anadarko High School.

Mustang competed in just three powerlifting meets this season including the regional and state meets. The only other meet MHS competed in was at Newcastle High School. They finished in second place right behind Midwest City in the Newcastle meet.

“I’m just really happy for all of the seniors,” Ring said. “Those guys really worked their tails off. I’m happy they will get to leave here with state championship rings.”

Ring said training during the powerlifting season included conditioning as well.

“We didn’t want to just stay in the weight room,” he said. “We know we are also training for football season as well, so it is important to work on our explosiveness and speed as well as our strength. A lot of other schools that compete in the powerlifting meets don’t do that.”

At the junior high level, Mustang’s Fabian Ramirez won the junior high state championship in the 90-pound weight class.

Now that powerlifting season is complete, many of the lifters will move into other sports such as track or start workouts specifically geared toward football.