Former PTA president pleads guilty to embezzlement, forgery charges


By Traci Chapman

A former Mustang Centennial Elementary PTA president last week plead guilty to embezzling more than $900 from that organization.

Jennifer Marie Young, 32, entered a guilty plea stemming from two felony counts – one each of embezzlement and forgery – filed in Canadian County District Court in August 2013. According to court documents, Young used PTA checks for her own use, paying her personal wireless, electric and water accounts, as well as more than $147 for tanning membership fees.

“She later assumed the duties of treasurer of that organization as well,” stated Mustang detective Michael Adams in an Aug. 16, 2013, affidavit. “In November 2011, she used the funds from a previous bank to open a checking account in the name of CEPTA at a new bank.

“The defendant made herself the sole signer to this account,” he said.

State and national Parent Teacher Association guidelines mandate the position of treasurer be maintained separately from any other officer, and checks should be signed by more than one person. While Young’s actions were against PTA rules, no further action against the Mustang woman was expected, officials said.

Young was sentenced by Canadian County Special Judge Jack McCurdy to a one-year suspended jail sentence, as well as supervised probation, restitution and court costs and fines.

The guilty plea was not the first time Young admitted to embezzlement. In a December 2011 case, the Mustang woman was charged with six felony counts in connection with her employment as property manager at East Hills Condos. Young was accused in that case of taking more than $3,600.

On Aug. 22, 2013, Assistant District Attorney Austin Murrey filed an application requesting the court issue an arrest warrant for Young due to the new charges and her alleged failure to report to a probation officer and pay restitution and probation fees monthly, as required by her plea in the 2011 case.