Intersection hampers city’s progress

Spring is a time of renewal. What is brown and dreary now soon will be green and lush. Oklahoma truly can be a beautiful place.

Mustang is no exception. From its lovely, modern city buildings, golf course tucked into the center of town and new businesses and housing, Mustang is the picture of growth and progress.column shots.qxd

There are exceptions to that, though, and they are bad enough to detract from a lot of positive things going on in Mustang. I’m talking about the intersection of state Highway 152 and Mustang Road. I don’t think many of us would say the expanses of concrete – leading to run down and poorly maintained strip centers on either side of Mustang Road – are a reflection of how great our community is and where it’s going.

That’s where Mustang city officials come in. Many of our representatives, on council and on the county level, are far-thinking and progressive, constantly looking at ways to improve our community. From long-time advocates like Mayor Jay Adams to City Manager Tim Rooney, these individuals have stepped up and made a commitment to the city we love.

Work is being done to try to address these eyesores that sit in the center of our community. In addition to elected officials, Mustang is blessed to have staff working for the city who consistently give their all. This has been seen by the members of Mustang’s community development department, headed by Robert Coleman. It’s seen in the work of Mustang Planning Commission. Commissioners, like Mustang council members, are volunteers who are not paid for their work to make the city a better place.

But Mustang’s leaders and staff cannot carry the burden of making our community a better place alone. We need to support and assist these individuals in their attempts to beautify and move things forward. It doesn’t matter if you are a Mustang resident or – like me – a “73064er” living outside the city limits. What happens in Mustang proper affects us all, and many of us who live outside the 12 square miles care about and support the city as much as those who live there.

That commitment has not gone unnoticed, as both the city and Chamber of Commerce have worked to expand their networks, forging partnerships and expanding their view for Mustang – and the entire community.

But back to the 152/Mustang strip centers. What can we do? While in ways the city’s hands are tied in their attempts to force some of the business owners in that area to clean up their act, there are things all of us can do to help support them in that effort. We can work together to develop beautification efforts in the area – maybe planters, perhaps other ideas that could be presented to city staff and council members.

Something, anything would be better than the poorly maintained buildings and huge expanse of gray concrete that cover the center of our city.

Officials are working to make our area a better place – it’s up to us, as a community, to lend them a hand.

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