Union City police officer charged with felonies in Oklahoma County

Canadian County Sheriff's office lead investigator Kevin Ward arrests Scottie Brothers, a Union City police officer accused of two felonies. (Photo/courtesy Canadian County Sheriff's office)

By Traci Chapman

Canadian County sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday arrested a Union City police officer on felony complaints of possession of stolen property and providing firearms to a convicted felon. The arrest came after another Union City deputy approached the sheriff’s office with information he claims was ignored by the Union City police chief. 

Undersheriff Chris West said deputies arrested Scottie Brothers, 32, at his home. The investigation into the Union City officer began in November, when former fellow Union City officer Bill Ingram came to the sheriff’s office about an alleged series of events that began in May 2010.

Scottie Brothers

Scottie Brothers

According to Ingram, Brothers had a key to his house while Ingram and his family went on vacation in May 2010. Upon the family’s return, Ingram found that two guns were missing from the house.

“Brothers was looking after the house while they were gone, and Ingram said he turned the house upside down looking for the guns,” West said. “Eventually he thought he had just misplaced the guns.”

That changed on June 25, 2011, when Ingram allegedly received a call from a known convicted felon who knew both Ingram and Brothers, West said. The man contacted Ingram to ask for his help with a malfunctioning gun, which Ingram said turned out to be one of the missing weapons from his home, the undersheriff said.

“He said he got the gun from Brothers, and Ingram believed Brothers took that and the other weapon while they were out of town,” West said.

When asked to explain why it took so long for Ingram to come forward, West said the Union City officer – who left that department after approaching sheriff’s investigators – told county law enforcement he first approached Union City Police Chief Eddie Dickerson about Brothers’ alleged actions.

“Ingram told us he went to Dickerson on numerous occasions and Dickerson put his hand on his shoulder and said, ‘Are you sure you want to do this,’” West said.

Dickerson has been incapacitated and off work since a motorcycle accident last summer. An attempt to call the Union City police chief Wednesday morning was unsuccessful.

Ingram told investigators the unnamed convicted felon agreed to get Brothers on the telephone and recorded a conversation that allegedly included admissions by Brothers that he had stolen the gun, West said. Brothers returned the man’s money to him after the conversation, he said.

“The sheriff’s office interviewed everyone, listened to the tape recordings and pulled the case together,” West said. “On Monday, we obtained a felony arrest warrant from Oklahoma County.”

Brothers, who has worked for Union City Police Department for “several years,” remains in Canadian County Jail and will be moved to Oklahoma County at some point, West said. A criminal felony case has been opened and assigned to District Judge Jerry Bass, according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network. No hearings have yet been scheduled in the case.