Road rage incident leads to life sentence

Joey Smith

By Traci Chapman

A January 2012 road rage incident recently led to a life sentence for a Yukon man.

Joey Lynn Smith, 49, was found guilty of leaving the scene of an injury accident by a Canadian County jury. On Dec. 17, District Court Judge Gary Miller upheld the jury’s recommendation that Smith spend the rest of his life in prison for the crime.

Smith’s conviction stemmed from a Jan. 27, 2012, road rage incident that began at the intersection of Reno and Rockwell Avenue. According to court documents, Smith followed a Honda van driven by Amy Noreen, purposely running into the back of her car and forcing it into the car ahead of her just north of Reno and Morgan Road.

“The defendant pursued the victim down Reno Avenue and then slammed into her minivan with his truck twice,” Assistant District Attorney Jenna Brown said. “The blow propelled the victim’s vehicle into the vehicle in front of her and caused the victim to sustain permanent injury.”

Smith had three prior felony convictions, which allowed prosecutors to seek a stronger prison sentence, Brown said.

“This enhanced the range of punishment for this crime,” Brown said.

Smith’s had two prior convictions for leaving the scene of an injury accident and another for distribution of methamphetamine, both in Oklahoma County, according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network. He also has a driving under the influence charge pending in Oklahoma County.

The Canadian County jury found Smith guilty of driving with driver’s license suspended and reckless driving. Smith has also been convicted in a range of traffic and misdemeanor cases in Canadian, Oklahoma and Rogers counties.

In addition to his prison sentence, Smith was ordered to pay $29,056 in restitution to Noreen.



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