Students collect 2,300 coats for those who need warmth

noshiver group

By Traci Chapman

A student drive to help others really heated up – and 2,300 people will have a warm coat this winter, thanks to their efforts.

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“No-Shiver November” was a project undertaken by Mustang High School teacher Matt Vaughan and his students. The drive was embraced by Vaughan’s Leadership I class, who worked to spread the word and collect coats for Oklahoma City Rescue Mission, Vaughan said.

The class first started with a “Socktober” project, collecting about 300 socks for those in need. However, that effort wasn’t as big as Vaughan had first envisioned, he said.

“It fell short of what we wanted,” Vaughan said. “I told the students that everyone is watching us now – succeed or fail, it will be big.”

And succeed they did, and in a big way, Oklahoma City Rescue Mission officials said. Mission operations director Scott Stevenson, who came out to pick up the coats, said he was amazed at students’ efforts.

“I hope we have a big enough truck,” he said. “We never dreamed they would do this much.”

Students’ efforts were contagious, as teachers joined in the effort, encouraging other students to pitch in, Vaughan said. That even extended to the project’s final day, as Leadership students hauled large bags of coats to the Mission truck, another joined the effort, bringing out several bundles.

“I don’t even know who that kid is,” Vaughan said with a laugh. “That is great.”

Students said they got as much out of the project as they put into it, and as they loaded – even with broken bags and making several trips – many talked about how happy they were to have been part of the effort.

“It was amazing how much they all got into this and how much they accomplished,” Vaughan said. “I am so proud of them.”





Project Participants


Sarah Adams, Heather Balliew, Treyce Belcher, Carlito Benford, Audrey Easterling, Kaymi Fitzer, Krystin Hurst, Steven Jackson, Sarah Kinnamon, Maggie McLaughlin, Alyssa Moon, Zachary Myers, Matthew Oburn, Elly Ortiz, Cody Pistole, Carter Rees, Alyssa Rodgers, Rylee Schones, Riley Stewart, Cassidy Trail, Sabrina Truong, Lexis Tucker, Kayla VanWinkle, Kaylee Woods, Madison Young and Abel Zacharia.