Centennial students set sail for contest

Mustang Elementary School may have won two Made by Milk national championships, but Centennial Elementary students are not about to let that ship sail without them.



In fact, a ship is exactly what Centennial’s Kristen Polson helped students create. The first-year teacher conferred with Mustang Elementary’s Kent Hathaway, who was assigned as her mentor, and the two devised the project for Centennial’s fourth-grade art club.

More than 30 students take part in the club, which means they give up recess once a week to work on special art projects. Students collected milk cartons for more than a month and fashioned RMS Titanic with 2,761 of them, Polson said.

“I’m so proud of them,” Polson said. “They did a great job and they were super enthusiastic and passionate about it every day. Even on the most boring jobs, like stacking 500 cartons together, they were doing it and were amazing at it.”

Winners for the national contest will be announced Jan. 6.


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