Stuart return a ‘miracle’

By Traci Chapman

When Bob Stuart cut the ribbon on Canadian County’s new jail addition Monday, it was more than symbolic.

Bob Stuart

Bob Stuart

It was nothing short of a miracle, his friends, family and co-workers say.
A Mustang native and Yukon resident, Stuart has served as the jail’s administrator since February 2010. In July on his way to a vacation, Stuart was critically injured in a motorcycle accident. At that time, family, friends and co-workers of Stuart said emergency services workers and doctors said they did not believe he would live – but he beat the odds, Sheriff Randall Edwards said.
“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Edwards said. “He worked long and hard to recover and we are so happy to have him back.”
After months of hospitalization and physical therapy, Stuart is back to the job he was meant to do, Edwards said. With the opening of a new $4.8 million jail addition, the timing couldn’t be better, the sheriff said.
“This addition, a lot of its success is due to Capt. Stuart,” Edwards said. “It wouldn’t have seemed complete without him being a part of it.”
For his part, Stuart said although he retained some issues and tiredness from his ordeal, he was happy to be back at the helm of the county’s jail. The addition would make his – and his staff’s – job easier, as the constant struggle to keep prisoner counts in line with state regulations wouldn’t be so overwhelming, he said.
“It’s just good to be back, and I appreciate everyone’s prayers and good wishes,” he said.
Those prayers and the support from friends and the community made the miracle of Stuart’s return possible, Edwards said.
“All the prayers, all the love, the belief he would get better – it’s all part of the story of Bob’s survival,” he said.

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